Summer Holiday Collection by Kiki London

Hey there everyone, today I have an extra special post for you dedicated to Kiki London. You have my word that I have so much love and trust in this brand, I purchase a lot of their products myself and have actually turned down opportunities to work with other gel based brands to stay loyal to Kiki London. This is why I am happy to provide you with a discount code of 15% which gives you a great discount off of already reasonable prices. Click HERE and use code PolishedbyLeanne

Not so long ago I treat myself to the Summer Holiday collection which was (and still is I believe) discounted from £34.95 down to £19.99 (remember that my code can be used on discounted items). I think with my discount it came to £17, such a bargain for 5 beautiful gels. 

I'm quite late to the game posting about these, so figured most of you will have seen the swatches done by my nail/art buddies over on Instagram, and is why I decided to showcase these stunning colours with a bit of nail art too. 

Before we get stuck in, I just wanted to say that my nails are going to look a touch shorter than normal, I recently gave them a good trim as they had been knocked about a bit from my stint in the garden! But hey, short nails are still cute! 


Lemon Tart

I knew that I had to try this bad boy out first! Yellow is a colour that I'm starting to warm to, there is just so many different shades of it out there, and since the weather has been so fabulous, yellow is a very fitting - summery colour. 

Lemon Tart is a true sunshine yellow, with a soft, almost pearlescent quality to it. I jazzed the mani up by trying out some water decals made by Whats Up Nails that I purchased from Nail Artisan by Alex. The decals have a hint of yellow peeking out amongst the other bright colours, and I thought they looked really fun next to Lemon Tart.

You can pick the decals up for £2.30 HERE, and Lemon Tart HERE for £4.99


Cotton Candy

Ahhh a pink! In my opinion, every collection needs a pink haha! This is such a pretty shade too, an absolute must have. I used some water decals to enhance the mani, this time made by Moyra but still available from Nail Artisan by Alex. They look kind of like a water colour painting, so sweet and goes hand in hand with Cotton Candy.

The water decals can be found HERE for £4.50 and you can grab Cotton Candy HERE for £4.99


Orange Soda

How perfect is the name for this colour?! Another beautiful colour that is a much welcomed addition to my ever growing Kiki London collection. I did a bit of straight forward stamping just to add a little something extra for the mani, using Moyou London's Tropical Collection stamping plate 09. I picked this plate up in Moyou's sale, so I'm not 100% sure that it's still available...

If you want to purchase Orange Soda individually, click HERE


Sunset Glow

This gel is stuck between being orange or red, and I adore it! It's so different to any other polish I own and its so wonderfully bright. Again I just did a little bit of stamping over the top of my middle fingers using Beauty Big Bang plate XL-001. (I also have a code for Beauty Big Bang - LEANNE - it will save you 10% at checkout. I am addicted to their plates and highly recommend them!) You can pick up your bottle of Sunset Glow HERE


Electric Island

Such a stunning shade of blue, very much like an Ink blue. I love the colour, but I have to admit I had a few little struggles with this particular gel. It seemed to want to shrink away from my cuticles, and the nail edge. I did try to seal the tips in, but as you can see in the photo, the whites are slightly peeking through. After curing the first coat and applying the second, I was able to fill in the gaps where it had shrunk away near the cuticles. It's quite an odd thing, as I genuinely have never had issues with any other of their gels...has anyone else experienced this whilst using Electric Island or is it just me? (It probably is just me haha!)

For the stamping I used Beauty Big Bang plate XL-002 which can be yours for £2.30


That concludes todays post, I hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun playing around with these gels and the nail art bits too, let me know which ones are your faves.

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx