Pool Party Nail Art Feat. Meebox

**Contains PR Products**

This months box is a celebration of 3 years of Meebox! You can find my swatches and review HERE, but lets today have some fun and dive into some nail art! 

Included for the Pool Party edition is some bright and funky neon glitter mix by Charlies Nail Art, some Pool Party nail wraps by NCLA, a double ended stamp pen by Born Pretty, and a Summer Bikini Stamping plate also by Born Pretty. 

I'm going to share my least favourite item first, then swiftly move on...


NCLA - Pool Party Nail Wraps

I'm always a little disappointed when I see that nail wraps have made it into the box, mainly because I have such a hard time applying them. It just never seems to work out no matter how hard I try. The photo shows my best result so far, having taken some tips from some of my nail art addict buddies! As you can see they are still far from perfection, needless to say that this photo will definitely not make it onto my insta feed. 

I always struggle to get the right fit, and without a doubt I will always get creasing and bubbling. Having said that, I have seen how awesome nail wraps work and look on other people, so I am left knowing that this is my issue and not a fault with the product at all. It's down to user error I'm afraid, and most likely lack of patience! One thing that I did notice though was that these wraps were cut slightly off, leaving the black outline down one side, which if I had trimmed down, would have left me with even more of an ill-fitting.

If you are a wizard of nail wraps, you can pick these babies up for £11.95

Phew! Rant over, time for some fun!


Charlies Nail Art - Hexagon Glitter Mix 

You may have already seen this design over on Instagram, and as mentioned over there, this design was heavily inspired by the work of Nail Gems, an incredible nail artist who is well worth a follow. 

I used IZ beauty London's Forget Me Not as the base colour, then popped a few random pieces of glitter over the top and sealed in with a glossy topcoat. Such a simple and easy to achieve look. You get a good amount of glitter in a pack for just 98p if purchased separately, you will get many a mani out of these. 


Born Pretty - Summer Bikini Stamping Plate

I love this stamping plate, it's so fun! You get plenty of images to play around with and if purchased separately it would only cost £1.70 - bargain! I used Puck A Fairy on the pinky and index, then Forget Me Not on the middle two fingers as my base. (Remember you can read more about these in my previous post HERE) I did some reverse stamping over the top of Forget Me Not using a mixture of bright Leighton Denny Polishes, then decided to go one step further and jazz up the Puck A Fairy nails by adding some of the glitter mix. 

What do you think? I love how they turned out.


Born Pretty - Double Ended Stamp Pen

Last but not least we have the double ended stamp pen by Born Pretty. I've been after one of these for a while so was giddy to see it included in the box. However, after having a little play with it, I don't think its something I'd be in a hurry to repurchase...I mean it's alright, but not something you NEED in your collection you know? 

For this manicure I used the round spongey side of the pen. Using all four polishes included in the box, I dotted a small amount here and there over a white base to create a 'smoosh' effect. Then I used the Summer Bikini Plate to stamp over the top, added a sprinkling of Leighton Denny's Angel Dust, and sealed in with a topcoat. The only things I wonder about this spongey stamp is - how do you clean it, is it even possible? Can you only use it the once? 

The other side of the pen is a tiny silicone stamper, which would be good for picking up very small images off a plate. It does work, I had no problems picking up images with it, but its not something I feel I'd reach for over my normal stampers...

If its something you fancy having a go with, you can pick it up from Born Pretty for just £2.50


All in all my favourite nail arty bits were the neon glitter mix from Charlies nail art and the Summer Bikini Stamping Plate from Born Pretty. What were your fave/ least fave items?

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx