Pastel Donut Design using the March '18 Meebox

**contains PR products**

I'm back today using the March Donut edition Meebox to create some fun, pastel donut nails. I knew I had to create a design like this using the box, even though my nail wrap skills are so poor that I couldn't put the NCLA ones to use. So stamping it is! Luckily I have just the plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies...

I definitely made the most out of each polish with this design, even though you can't see the thumb nail which is wearing the Kure Bazaar, Cappuccino, but I have swatches in THIS post if you want to have a nosey...

Inside the Meebox there was a Color Club nail art pen in white which I used to pop some little sprinkles on the donuts, and also some pastel yellow pearls by Miss Cat Nails which I used against the white background on the middle finger. Just as a little side note - if you use Seche Vete as a topcoat, try not to apply it over the pearls as it does melt the colour off of them which will ruin your mani! 

The stamping plate I used by Lina is the Coffee, Tea or Gonutz 01 which had the perfect donut design. Keeping this as an accent nail helped the whole look stay pretty simple and easy to do. Of course I used the reverse stamping technique which is my new favourite thing to do, colouring in the icing on the donuts with Deco Miami's Cake and Little Ondine's Ripple. 

If you don't already, I really would encourage you to check out Meebox's social medias and see all the wonderful and creative designs that can be whipped up using their subscription box, you won't be short of inspiration! 

Thank you so much for reading

Love, Leanne Xx