Material Girl by Meebox Nail Art Inspo

**contains PR products**

Meebox this month was heavily influenced by the Queen of pop herself Madonna, and her iconic fashion statements over her career. As always they absolutely nailed it - pun intended, bold colours with a pop of pastel, black lace and a stamping plate (scraper and stamp included!) perfect for creating your desired 80's design.

If you would like to quickly check out my swatches for the polishes, please click HERE, but today I wanted to share with you my design along with a complete nail fail...

Lets start with my fail...


Sparkly Nails lace foil

There is no photo to show how badly I did with the beautiful lace foil as I was beyond annoyed with myself each time. However I do have a shot of the remaining lace print so you can see just how gorgeous it is..

So as you can see I tried this technique a total of three times before giving up completely. Each time was a disaster, I even gave myself all the help needed by popping over to Sparkly Nails and buying a bottle of their foil adhesive. I guess this is just something I'm going to have to practise some more with.

Their foils are super affordable so I shall be stocking up so that I can keep trying. 

I must say that this is no fault of the product - it's just down to me and my lack of patience and, I suppose, skills haha! 

Swiftly moving on....


Moyou Back to the 80's Plate 05

I love that Meebox supplied us with not only a plate, but the stamper and scraper to go with. When I first saw the plate I was a little intimidated - the images were a touch larger than my actual nails so I knew that I wouldn't be able to use the whole of them (I'm yet to learn how to shrink images from plates, one step at a time!) - but I thought that some of them would still look cool if only part of them were used.

Even though you cant see the whole image - I'm still pretty chuffed with how these turned out, I mean you can tell that the middle finger is the top of a shirt, the ring finger is the top of a dress but that doesn't really translate on my nail. However I feel that the bursts of bright and wonderful colour deflect from the images which still make for a pretty awesome mani - if I do say so myself! Kind of pop-arty? Maybe haha!

What do you guys think, yay or nay? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your designs over on Instagram, I love to see how each person can create such different looks with their Meebox.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx