Knitty Nails feat. Creative Shop

**contains PR products**

To create my Knitty Nails I started with my base colour - a beautiful pastel blue made by YAB Cosmetics, though I bought this colour a while ago so I don't believe it's available now! You can use any pale / pastel blue though for the same look... I really enjoy using YAB Cosmetics polishes, they have a wonderful formula and the colours are just divine. You can visit the website HERE where there is a whole new collection to shop.


Then I returned to my Creative Shop stamping plate 30 for the design. I think it's supposed to be a leafy design for full nail coverage, but it so reminded me of Knitty Nails of Instagram -- head over to her beautiful page and you will see why! You can get your stamping plate HERE


Plate 30


I chose a pinky/purple and a lush green for the stamping, just to make it a bit more interesting. I'm going to be trying out different ways of using these plates, with a little inspiration from the nail community on Instagram and Facebook...


Knitty Nails


It took me a long while to get used to this technique, I'm still not perfect, but I love how something so quick as stamping can completely transform your manicure. 

Why not not take a look at my YouTube mini tutorial and watch how I created this look? Have a go too and feel free to tag me in your photos, I'd love to see! If you enjoy the video, please help my channel grow by hitting the thumbs up and subscribing -- thank you to those of you who already have! 


Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx