How to Create Your Own Smoosh and Stamp Design

**contains PR products**

Hey everyone! If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen this design I came up with the other day...

I posted it to a group on Facebook, mentioning that I used the 'smooshing' technique and I received a few comments wondering what smooshing actually is. It got me giggling because I suppose its not really an official or technical term, it's just something that I've picked up on from being part of the nail community for a while! 

So I thought I would share with you how I created this look along with products used...


How to

Step one - Apply your base, I've been loving Leighton Denny's One for All

Step two - Grab a white polish and apply one swift layer to the nail

Step three - Pop on a topcoat and allow to dry

Step four - As your nails are drying, decide what colours you would like to smoosh together... for my design I wanted something quite light and pastel-y, ready for spring and in hope of better weather! You really want 3-4 colours that you think will compliment each other. I chose Prism Polish's new pastel collection, Wood Anemone/Speckled Egg/Heathland Mist/Dusty Bluebells

Step five - Randomly dot a drop or two of each colour onto a stamp head trying not to be too heavy handed, then smoosh the head against your nail. You will see that they colours have come together to create a fun and smooshed design. If you can still see white coming through you can keep going back over to move the polish around until your happy with how it looks

Step six - Use a cotton bud to quickly remove any overspill on the cuticles/fingers, you can go back in for a proper clean up later. Alternatively, use a cuticle protector before beginning the smooshing

Step seven - Allow your nails to dry a little before adding a topcoat. My go-to topper is of course Seche Vite as drying time is minimal

Step eight - Once nails are dry its time to stamp your chosen design over the top. I wanted a floral design to keep within the spring theme, and used the MoYou Princess Plate 13. Bear in mind that you still want to see the smooshing under the stamping, so pick a pattern that has a fair bit of negative space.

I decided to stamp with a black polish as I felt it would stand out more than white, but just use your judgement here, if you think a white polish would stand out over your base colours - go for it! 

Step nine - Time for another layer of topcoat, tidy up around the cuticles, then add a cuticle oil. All done!


There are obviously a fair few steps to creating this look, but if you're a nailie like me - you will enjoy every bit of it. It took maybe half an hour to achieve the finished result. 

Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx