How to do Dark Galaxy Nail Art

**contains PR samples**

My creative juices have been flowing these past few weeks encouraging me to get a bit fancy with my nails! I just posted a swatch of Leighton Denny's 'Your planet or mine' over on Instagram, and I got to thinking...with a name like that, isn't it just screaming for a galaxy design?! I love how this polish shifts from a dark blue, almost black colour to a green, it even has a hint of purple two! I'm in love...

I have attempted this kind of design once before gently influenced by my lovely and very talented friend Chrissie who runs one of my favourite ever blogs - Plus 10 Kapow, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they actually turned out. (Click Here to see.) 

Following the same steps as before, only with different polishes this time, I feel I achieved a pretty sparkly galaxy look.


What you will need

- Basecoat

- Dark base colour - I used Leighton Denny's Your Planet or Mine as shown above

- Sponge - any type of sponge will do, household or beauty

- Scissors and tweezers

- White polish 

- Fairly dark blue colour, or a colour that is lighter than the base - I used Leighton Denny's Inkjet

- Dotting tool/nail brush with a fine tip

- Scattered holo topper, one that isn't overly dense - sticking with the same brand I used Leighton Denny's Angel Dust

- Topcoat - I used my favourite, Seche Vite

- Cuticle oil - I used NAF! cinnamon apple that came in one of my Meeboxes

How to / Step by step

- Before starting on your nails, grab your sponge and cut a small piece off, it needs to be small enough to gently dab polish over your nails without causing too much mess around the cuticles

- Apply a layer of your chosen base coat and allow to dry

- Apply two layers of your chosen dark base colour. This could be a deep blue, deep green, maybe even a shifty polish or just plain black

- Dot some white polish onto your nail mat or even just a scrap piece of paper, grab your cut off sponge with the tweezers, and dip it in the white polish

- I like to first dab some of the excess onto some paper first before going in on the nail... but begin to dab the sponge over your nails in any pattern you would like. Try not to cover up too much of the base colour, you want it to still peek through

- Once you're happy, repeat this process with the fairly dark blue colour, focusing more on the edges of the white

- Next it's time to add some stars, use your dotting tool or fine tipped nail brush, dip into some white polish, and add a few random dots to the nails. You don't need to go overboard, and they can be all different sizes if you wish. You could even add a starburst like I did on one or two of the nails.

- Pop on your sparkly holo topper

- Seal it all in with a topcoat

- Clean up around the cuticles if needed and nourish the skin with some cuticle oil.

You should hopefully end up with something that looks a little like this! 

I love how my dark galaxy nails turned out, you can be a little messy, nothing has to be done to perfection, and they still turn out pretty! Perfect haha!

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Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx