How to Cheat at a Watermarble Nail Design

My lovely hubby treat me to some early Birthday goodies, including a bunch of nail art related bits and bobs from Nail Artisan by Alex. One of the first things I had to jump in and try was these beautiful and bright watermarble effect water decals by Whats Up Nails.

I am absolutely loving playing around with water decals at the moment, its such a quick and easy way to completely transform your manicure into a work of art! 

To achieve this look, I first painted all nails white using my favourite white polish - NCLA's Ask the Magic 8 Ball and allowed to fully dry. Then, working one nail and one decal at a time, allowed each decal to soak in room temperature water for approx 20sec, dab excess water off decal onto a cotton round, slide from paper backing, and place on the nail. 

After placing the decal on the nail, I used a nail brush dipped in acetone to carefully and quickly remove excess decal from around the cuticles and any that was left hanging over the nail edge. 

All thats left to do is seal in with a topcoat, though I did add a cheeky coat of Leighton Denny's Angel Dust first to add a touch of sparkle. 

It sounds way more faffier than it actually is haha! It really is such a quick and simple process, and a firm favourite of mine along with stamping. We cant all be freehand legends can we?! 

If you fancy trying these decals out for yourself, you can pick them up HERE for just £2.30, cheap as chips! 

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx