Getting Fancy with the Namaste Meebox Edition Polishes

**contains PR products**

When I first saw the beautiful polishes included in January's Meebox 'Namaste', I knew that they were not only stunning colours, but that they would make the most perfect base colours for a bit of nail art! So I thought that I would do a separate post showing how I created these three designs, I will be doing the normal swatch and review post too.


Cuccio - Crush in Lake Como

The first design I created was done by using Cuccio's Crush in Lake Como. This is such a delicate and pretty nude-pink that was screaming out for a pretty lace design. 

I used the Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L005 for the image along with a white stamping polish to print on the floral-lace design. Somehow the white looked a touch too bright against Crush in Lake Como, so I applied another (thin) coat of it over top.

It turned out pretty good didn't it? I think someone even commented that this kind of design is quite bridal, and I would totally agree! 


Zoya - Lake

This next design was created by using Cuccio's Lake as the base. I knew that some bright colours could really pop against this pretty and light background...

Here I used the Moyou stamping plate - Tropical Collection 12 for the floral/leafy pattern. I also used bright pink and bright green stamping polishes that I thought would really stand out against Lake. Once the design was transferred, I decided to be a little 'extra' and add some extra pops of colour.

I grabbed a couple of Leighton Denny polishes - 11th Hour (green) and Nothing but Sand (yellow) and a small nail brush and got to work. I added the yellow to the bottom middles of the pink flowers, and used the green to add some extra leaves.

What do you think? I was quite chuffed with how they turned out, very summery indeed!


Nailberry - Stone

This is the darkest base colour to work with out of the box, Stone by Nailberry.

For this glittery spiral design I used some nail vinyls that I bought ages ago from WhatsUp nails, they are already cut into a spiral design, so all you have to do is place them over your nails. I used some latex cuticle protector to stop the glitter from getting all over, then applied 2-3 coats of Celebrate by Coze nail polish over the vinyls. This beautiful glitter doesn't look to be available anymore, but use the link to shop the fab range of other pretties!

Wait a couple of seconds for the polish to begin to dry - but not completely, then gently peel away the vinyls. Seal in the glitter with a couple of layers of topcoat.

I love how the glitter really stands out against the lush dark grey beneath. 

So which is your favourite design? I really enjoyed playing about with all of them, I sometimes lack in inspiration but I seemed to have recovered some this week haha!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx