Getting Creative With the New Nail Artisan Cosmetics Polishes

*Contains PR Products*

A couple of weeks ago Nail Artisan Cosmetics released their very own range of nail polish. You can check out some of the pretties they have to offer HERE, but today I wanted to sit down, have a play, and show you guys some of the designs I whipped up using them…

Here I’ve used Jade (green) and Karen (purple), all I did was carefully paint half of the nail with one, and the other half with the other! Fairly straightforward, but a steady hand helps to minimise a wonky line. As you can see my lines aren’t perfect, especially the forefinger, but it doesn’t spoil the overall affect, in my opinion anyway.

I used the Beauty Big Bang stamping plate 069 to place down the pretty heart/floral lace design to blend the colours together.

This is my favourite design of the four I have to share with you today. I’ve used Sun Salution (gold) and AnnZoe (orange) placing the gold on my middle two accent nails, and the orange on the remaining three.

I used the Beauty Big Bang stamping plate 020 for the dreamcatcher design, and to add a little something extra, I popped on some gold studs too. I honestly can’t remember where I got the gold studs from as I’ve had them for yonks, but I imagine they’ll be from Charlies Nail Art Supplies. I went through a phase of buying studs, diamante’s and accessories, so much so that I think I’m set for life haha!

Now I’m not really a cat person, but this stamping plate is super cute and works perfectly with Ebony (black) and Grace (grey). I’ve used Ebony as my accent colour and used Grace on the remaining three. I decided to use a matte finish for this design, which is also by Nail Artisan Cosmetics.

I’ve used the Beauty Big Bang stamping plate 026 for the cheeky cat inspired designs.

Here’s another design that I’m really enjoying! Vesper is one of the prettiest multi chrome polishes ever created and Northern Lights just adds that touch of extra sparkle.

I’ve used the Beauty Big Bang stamping plate XL-054 for this cosmic design. This is one of my favourite plates to play with, if you fancy having it for yourself, or if you fancy any of the stamping plates I’ve used in todays post, remember to check out my discounts page to save some pennies on your purchases.

Those are all of the designs I have to share with you today, what do you think? Which is your favourite?

Thank you as always for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx