Diamanté Skull Gradient Nails

I couldn't resist trying out some more simple yet spooky Halloween inspired nail art. Here is a mini tutorial, a step by step of how I created this look

Step one

Always start with a base coat, especially when using darker colours to help prevent any staining to the nails. Then apply just one coat of your chosen red polish. I decided to go for the red Moyou London polish used in my previous post. Allow to dry then you're ready for the next step...

Step two

Using the same red polish and a black polish, paint onto a makeup sponge in lines ready to press onto your nail. Gently dab the sponge over your nail repeatedly until you are happy with the finished gradient. Don't worry about the mess, you can clean up the cuticles and skin later, I always make a mess haha! but that's all part of the fun...

Step three

Repeat this process over each nail, then seal in with a topcoat. I decided to go matte using a topcoat from Freckles Polish. To add extra spookiness I added a diamante skull kindly sent to me by Shop Stephy Claws to the ring fingers.

Step four

Clean up! If you have a latex barrier liquid, apply before sponging on polish, then obviously peel off after. Or, like me, use a nail brush and polish remover or acetone then add a cuticle oil to add the moisture back into your skin. 

I really enjoyed creating this design, it just shows you don't have to be super pro at nail art to have posh Halloween nails. If you're on Instagram I would love to see what designs you come up with so please feel free to tag me in any you create.

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Happy Halloween!

Love, Leanne Xx