Daisy Chain feat. Creative Shop

**contains PR products**

Quite recently I was very kindly sent some stamping plates by a brand that was fairly new to me - Creative Shop. Now then, I've only tried one image from one plate so far, but you guys really seemed to like it... I'm overwhelmed by the attention they've had!


Each plate includes 14 full size rectangular images with such fabulous designs, perfect fit for any size and shape nail. I've been working through some swatches of CiatΓ©'s advent calendar and decided to combine two pretty colours, cupcake queen and Ibiza blues, with a girly floral design. 

These nails created a storm on my YouTube channel, normally I'm lucky to gain 10 views on a video, this beauty has earned me 100+ views, so thank you if you've watched it and if not, click the link below to see what the fuss is about πŸ˜„ 


Keep your eyes peeled for more stamping using the plates sent to me! Daisy Chain was created using stamping plate 30 and it mainly consists of intricate floral patterns. 

Please find Creative Shop online HERE and on INSTAGRAM

Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx