My Born Pretty Store Review

**contains PR products**

Over the past few months I have been trying to fully master my stamping technique (and I think I've been doing pretty well!), and to get me started I bought a handful of stamping plates and accessories from Born Pretty Store as the prices were more than reasonable and there was a huge choice on offer.

Other than the wait for my nail mail (I'm very impatient - bare in mind that these items are shipped from overseas...) I was very impressed with this website. I'd seen that so many other nail art enthusiasts used this store so they must have a good rep!

As I was so impressed I decided to join up to receive samples to try out and review for you guys! Again, so many people already do this, but if you are ever shopping with them, please use my code every now and again to save 10% on all original Born Pretty items ( LHARX31 ). 

The first three items I chose to try out was the geometric stamping plate, some water decals, and the odour-free liquid latex cuticle barrier...


Let's take a closer look...

  • Odour free liquid latex cuticle barrier

I was so excited to try this after seeing so many people using different versions of it online. The bottle that was very kindly sent to me is in this bright orange, though you can choose different ones on their site.  It truly is odour free too, you can't smell it one bit.

I used it as intended, as a cuticle barrier the first time round. I wish I had been more generous with it, but you learn as you go! It definitely made the cleanup a lot quicker, especially as I was using glitter, and we all know how stubborn glitter is to remove! 

For the next dabble, I used it over a basecoat, allowed to dry, then applied my glitter nail polish. I'd seen many people do this as a quick and easy way to safely peel off glitter polish. It worked! The only thing I would advise is to choose your coloured liquid latex wisely if you mainly use pale colours as it will peek through! 

For the price, you really can't go wrong, if you want a quick cleanup or a peel off base, this will do the trick perfectly. Click HERE to grab a bottle for yourself.


  • Water decals - BPY03

It has been a long while since I last used a water decal, but they are so, so easy to use and they are so effective! The pack that Born Pretty sent me included two different designs...



Nice aren't they? You can create so many different looks with these, I chose not to use them on every nail, but you could! Using different coloured polishes underneath them will create different effects too.  Buy yours HERE


  • Geometric stamping plate - BP-LO54

Now then... I really, really tried hard to like this plate! I've seen so many wonderful designs and nail art that people have created using this - so I know it's not a problem with the plate - it's me! I've tried to use it a few times now and every time the results have been...average. I think geometric is just not for me! 


Geometric plate


If if you are on Instagram, @manicure.d has done a wonderful design, and she gives you more of an idea of this plates potential. Click HERE for your very own plate, and why not have a nosey round at their amazing collection whilst you're there...


Final thoughts...

Overall I am over the moon at discovering Born Pretty Store. They have such a huge selection of goodies - a nail addicts dream! - but they also sell fashion jewellery, clothing, accessories etc.. all at amazing prices.

The only downfall, if you can call it that, is that you must be prepared to wait! Shipping is free so you can't really grumble, and don't forget your parcel is travelling a long, long way. 


Thank you Alice at Born Pretty Store for ending me these goodies to try and review! 

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx