Blood Splatter Halloween Nails

I am still a complete novice when it comes to nail art, and stamping is a challenge for me. However, I'm determined to master it and practice makes perfect ... right?! 

After seeing all of the amazing Halloween inspired nail art on Instagram, I decided to have a try at my own. I kept things really simple, but I actually love how these turned out.


Step one

If you want to have a go at this design, start off by applying your base coat and two coats of a white polish, I used Moyou London's White Night. Allow time for these coats to dry, otherwise things could get messy!

Step two

Now comes the tricky part, well tricky for me. Choose your stamping plate and design, I decided on the splatter design on Moyou London's Princess plate number 13, and a red polish that will stamp well. I stuck to the same brand and used a red stamping polish that I bought off Amazon ages ago.

Apply a generous amount of the red polish over the design you'd like to use, then use your scraper to remove the excess. Roll your stamper over the design, and hopefully it will have transferred nicely. It does sometimes take me a couple of goes to get the full image picked up. Just don't give up!  

Step three

You have to work fairly quickly with this as if the polish starts to dry, it wont transfer to the nail.

Once your design is on the stamper, gently yet firmly (I know it sounds contradicting, but once you've given it ago, you'll realise what I mean) press the stamper over your nail, ensuring to cover the whole area. Don't worry if you get the print on your skin too, you can clean up later or if you have a latex protector apply that before stamping then just peel off after.


Step four

When you've repeated this action over all the desired nails, seal in with a topcoat. I always turn to Seche Vite, it dries really quick to a high glossy finish. Clean up around the cuticles with polish remover or acetone then add moisture back to them with cuticle oil. Finished!

I'd love to see any stamping you do over Halloween, tag me in your photos. You can find me HERE Also, if you enjoy my posts, please subscribe! I'll be thinking of a giveaway for when I reach my first milestone and subscribing means you wont miss out. Also my Instagram is steadily creeping towards 5K, so I'll be organising a great giveaway for that watch this space!

Happy Halloween!


Leanne Xx