Floral Nail Designs using the Beauty Big Bang Plate 10

A few months ago I treat myself to a few Beauty Big Bang plates, I'd never shopped with this company before so was excited to add these plates to my collection. As it is Summer here in the UK, I decided to choose some floral designs, and thats when I found plate 10. 

Some of you may have already seen these 'nailfies' over on Instagram, but I decided to group them together in one post so that you can see exactly what you can do with this one plate...

Just a few examples of some of the looks you can create using this plate. I think I paid a couple of quid for it, fantastic value for money as you can go on and on with so many varied nail art creations using it. CLICK HERE to add to your basket.

I have had so much fun playing around with all these floral designs, I did treat myself to a couple of other plates too, so stay tuned to see what else I come up with! If you want to see more details on the polishes used, double tap each image, or head to my Instagram page...

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx