Exciting New Brand on the Block!

Every nail/nail polish enthusiast loves a fab new brand to hit their Instagram screens, and I for one am super giddy to see more from the stylish new indie brand YAB. A little while ago they released a stunning 'pre-launch' collection that consisted of such pretty pastel polishes. I was unfortunately not quick enough to get my hands on all colours, but I did manage to grab the pastel yellow and blue. YAB's yellow polish is one of the only yellow polishes that seems to agree with my skin tone, and the formula was perfection, which is something I always struggle with in yellows. They both dried to a super glossy finish with no streaking or patchiness, and the bottles/labels just look so trendy.

YAB have just launched another fabulous collection that is perfect for the Autumn and Winter months, consisting of a golden nude, a shimmering green, a bang-on-trend mustard and a few others too! They very kindly sent me two polishes from this collection to try out and review.  



This is such a beautiful nude polish, but I do feel like my pasty pale skin doesn't do it much justice... It has an incredibly smooth formula that is very easy to apply and self-levelling. It dries to a high shine finish, though I top all polishes with Seche Vite for even more gloss haha! It has the most subtle gold flecks within its mix, that just adds a little something special to the finish. It is a polish that can be worn everyday, at work, out and about, or on a night out. Demure is literally one of those polishes that will perfectly finish off any outfit, at any time of the year.


This is my favourite of the two. It has so much to offer! I've worn this over both a nude base, and a dark base, and had two very different effects. It's like two polishes for the price of one, and in the same bottle! Over a nude base you can really see the flecks of magenta/hot-pink flash against a silvery lavender shimmer, and over a dark base you almost see a colour shift from pink/purple/yellow/green! It is so incredibly unique and that is why I love it. 

This one would be perfect for a night out, the light really catches all those beautiful shimmers and glitters. Even though there are assorted sizes and shapes of glitters in here, Majestic still dries to a fairly smooth finish, so if you don't have time for a topcoat - no problem haha! 

All polishes by YAB are 5-free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and handmade here in the UK. At the moment their new website is being worked on, but you can still get your hands on their brand new polishes HERE on Etsy. They are definitely on my list of recommended products/brands, I'd love to know if you've tried any of their polishes! Drop me a comment below!

P.S All nail charms and decals in this post are from @ShopStephyClaws of Instagram.

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Love, Leanne Xx

Ciate Polish Collection - MarieClaire September 2016


Guest posts will be up and running again next week, but for now I thought I'd share with you this gorgeous collection of polishes out of this months MarieClaire magazine. My husband kindly picked one of each colour up from M&S for me. 



This is a beige/grey colour, highly pigmented so no more than two coats are required. My photo does show it with a topcoat, but it does dry to a high gloss finish. This is a really easy colour to wear, its more of an everyday look, though you could always jazz it up a bit with a glitter topper for the evening. 





Definitely my favourite of the four. It's so light and pretty, very delicate and again very easy to wear. I did use three coats of this as I really wanted to hide my nail line. It has the same glossy finish as Prima Ballerina, but again I like to seal it in with a topcoat.


This is the perfect colour for Autumn/Winter. Such a deep, dark red/burgundy colour that I really like against my pale skin. This only took two coats for a full, even cover.


I really aren't keen on this one. In my opinion it doesn't really fit in with the collection, it's very bright and the formula is slightly different. It doesn't feel as pigmented and it's a little thinner making application a little messy for novices like me. Photo shows three coats and I was still unhappy with a visible nail line. The colour isn't for me either, a red/orange, though one of my colleagues really took to it haha!



Overall a fab little collection. I really like the Ciate brand, the bottles are so pretty and the brushes are all round and flat for ease of application. 

Did you manage to get the whole collection? Which is your favourite colour?

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The Loveheart Collection by 'Ard as Nails

'Ard as Nails is a small business that hand-make beautiful, cruelty-free polishes of the best quality. It is a business that I go back to time and time again. This Loveheart collection really caught my eye, as I absolutely adore pastel polishes. 


First Love & Kiss Me

Here is a pretty pastel combo, First Love is the pink, and Kiss Me is the yellow. The ring finger is both polishes smooshed together haha! The pink is a very pigmented polish that only requires two coats for perfection, and in fact if you're in a rush, you could easily get away with just one coat. It dries to a lovely high gloss finish too, so a topcoat isn't really necessary, though advised to lock in that wonderful colour for longer. The yellow was probably my least favourite out of the whole collection. I really struggle with yellows...it's hard to find a good one! The shade of this one is really pretty, very sweet, but I found it a little streaky and needed three coats for complete cover. I find this with most yellows though, they're either too light and streaky, or go the other way and end up too thick and gloopy. I do like these two colours mixed together though!

Lets Dance & Hug Me

Lets Dance is the wonderful coral colour, and Hug Me is the minty green. I found Lets Dance to be similar to the pink though slightly darker and with a warmer tinge. I really love it, and even though I love it next to my pale skin, I bet it would look fab with a tan! Now the green really surprised me! I struggled to pick it up in the photos, but it has tiny little flecks of a darker green, that just adds something a little extra special to the polish. Its very unique, I'm not usually a fan of green polish, but this is really pretty, and again looks great with my skin tone. Both of these polishes have a wonderful consistency, only require two coats for full cover, and dry to a glossy finish.

Be Mine & Call Me

 Be Mine is the pastel lilac and Call Me is the pastel blue. They are so beautiful together, the blue is very light, and so I'd recommend three coats for full cover, but it is self levelling and easy to work with. The lilac is another highly pigmented polish that you could get away with one coat only. I however prefer two coats, and that's what the photos show. The lilac has a very slight and subtle sparkle to it, which makes it stand out against the others in the collection. In a good way! This was the only colour that I found to dry to a dull finish, so a topcoat is needed just to make the most of those pretty little sparkles. 

I have really enjoyed playing with this beautiful collection, and the quality is just as I expected from this lovely business. At Β£3 each for 4.5ml or Β£16.50 for the complete collection (4.5ml bottles) you can't go wrong. If you have a bit of extra cash I'd definitely steer you to the bigger, full size bottles, as they are polishes you will get a lot of use out of, they really are so pretty you'll wear them to death haha! Tap HERE to have a look at the shop, and whilst you're there have a nosey at the other collections too, I can guarantee there will be plenty to tempt you. I would like to quickly say that their range of Soap Dodger bath and beauty is well worth a look at too. 

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Love, Leanne Xx

Personal nail art challenge - August 2016

Last month I decided to challenge myself a little more with nail art as I've become super lazy and my Instagram feed was looking a little .. boring. Swatches are great, but when you have so many polishes that you want to make the most out of it's good to mix things up a little. So I begun to stalk some of my favourite nail artists to see if there were any designs that I could try and replicate, in my own little way haha! 

This was quite hard! These ladies really are so talented, and finding 'simpler' designs was a challenge in itself. The first design I was drawn to was by Faye, @littlef218 Using red, white & blue to create a very sailor inspired nautical look with a little charm for the anchor. I knew I had a similar charm myself sent to me very kindly by Steph, @shopstephyclaws so figured I should just jump straight in and give it a go. The finished result is nowhere near as good as Faye's, but I still liked it and considered it Instagram worthy! 

The next design that inspired me is by Chrissie @plus10kapow another very talented lady, and she had used gold glitter, blue polish, stamping and charms to create the most wonderful beach nails I ever did see! I had to try it! I didn't have a stamping plate that could pass off as waves, so I had to improvise and use acrylic paint and a brush instead. The results weren't too bad, not great, but not bad haha!

The third and last design I have to show you was inspired by the lovely @nails_byannmarie her nail art skills are just amazing, and looking through her page made me so envious! Scrolling away I managed to find something I thought I could have a bash at, a very pretty, summery and sparkly look. The flowers and dots are hand painted, my hands were shaking like mad as I tried to draw them on!

What do you think? Is there a design that you'd like to try yourself? I'd love to see if you do, just tag me in your posts, and the original artists too! I'm going to try and do more nail art rather than just swatches, its good to challenge yourself sometimes! Who knows, maybe one day I'll be a pro too! For now I'll keep things quite simple, why not join me HERE on Instagram to follow my journey.

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Guest Post by Littlef218

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another very special guest post! This lady has the most lovely nails and combined with fantastic nail art skills, has been an inspiration to me for years now! Tap HERE to see her wonderful Instagram feed.

 Here is Faye's nail art tutorial post...

The lovely and talented Leanne approached me to ask if I would like to do a guest post on her blog. I jumped at the chance! This is my first blog post and have had such a fun time writing it and taking photos.

I have recently done two different types of gradient nails on my Instagram and wanted to share with you how I achieved them!

The first is a glitter gradient. These are one of my favourite designs to try as they are so versatile and the colours can be switched up for any season.

To begin I chose an off white base of Barry M Coconut - I would definitely recommend this as a base for nail art as it is slightly softer than having a bright white base all the time.

Once that had dried completely I added striping tape. For my accent or main colour I chose a deep purple: OPI - A Grape Affair which is very opaque and perfect for this as it is a one coat wonder. While the polish is still wet I peeled the tape off.

Lastly, once my nails were dry I dabbed glitter onto a makeup sponge and sponged it onto my nails concentrating the glitter at the cuticles. I used three different types of glitter to create some depth. I like to use two fine glitters (Revlon Stunning and a CiatΓ©) and then a chunky glitter OPI Muppets World Tour, but you can use just one glitter or two if you prefer.

The second gradient I have to show you today is a reciprocal gradient. This is the first time I have tried this technique but I have admired it for ages. I have used three polishes but sponged gradients can also be achieved with two or more colours. I chose: OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook, You're Such A Budapest and Barry M - Papaya.

Firstly I would recommend using a white base to ensure the colours look as vibrant as possible when you sponge them. For this look I used Sinful Colors Snow White which is a brilliant and very opaque white. I was really surprised with how good the formula was for such a low price point, I would go so far as to say it was better than the OPI Alpine Snow.

I would then recommend using tape or a latex barrier around the cuticles and top of the finger to make clean up easier. I have to do this as I'm a little bit of a control freak and can't stand messy cuticles and edges!

Next, paint three lines of your polishes onto the sponge and gently sponge onto your white base once it has completely dried. This step will most likely need to be repeated leaving a few seconds in between coats.

Once I was happy with how they looked I left them to dry before adding striping tape to my nails. I added five pieces to each nail to give some space for the original gradient to show through.

I then repainted the colours onto the sponge in the opposite order and sponged over the tape. I repeated this twice and while the polish was still wet I removed the tape. The end result looks brilliant in my opinion! You will be able to see the original gradient where the tape was placed.

To finish I added a thin layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust just to jazz it up! But if glitter isn't your thing then just add a topcoat and you're all done!

If you fancy giving any of these designs, I wouldlove to see your recreations or inspired looks then please tag me on Instagram so I can see them, like them and bombard your comments with a plethora of emojis (there was lots of sparkle & unicorns here that refuse to post - Leanne)

Thank you Leanne again for asking me to do this - I have had such a great time!

Faye :)

What wonderful designs, I will have to have a go at these myself! Thank you very much Faye for your post! If like me you have enjoyed reading this, remember to tap the little heart below and show some love!

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Guest Post by +10kapow

Today's post is by the wonderfully talented Chrissie of www.plustenkapow.co.uk I have been admiring her beautiful creations for a long time now, and it's such a pleasure to have her here on the blog today. 


Of course I would jump at the chance to do a guest post for Leanne, we have been internet friends for well over a year now and she is a genuinely lovely person. Back in March, when I was still feeling MS-y, Leanne was lovely enough to do a guest post on my blog in which she did her first ever galaxy nails and I thought it was only right that I do galaxy nails for my guest post. I did, of course, put a little nerdy twist to it.

I have been re-watching Firefly a fair bit lately because my other half has just got in to it (after me badgering him to watch it for ages) and he loves it, not to mention it's freakin' awesome, so many feels, so I really wanted to do some simple Firefly nails. I went for a 'Serenity floating through space- leaf on the wind' thing and I am super chuffed with how this turned out.

The base polish I used was Polished By Leanne Nightcrawler (From when Leanne was a polish maker, it's one of my most favourite Polished By Leanne polishes)! Nightcrawler is black with a stunning, scattered holo that you can see in this terrible flash photo because the sun ran away when I went to take my photos, as it does everytime one of us put on a holo polish, amirite?


To get the galaxy effect I used Serum No 5 Indi-Glo and Barry M Cotton and a few bits of ripped makeup sponge.

My thumb has a galaxy effect and then my terrible attempt at writing 'leaf on the wind', although, it is better than some of my past freehand writing. The polish I used for the writing is Danglefoot Nail Polish Spike The Punch.


Now, using a Serum No 5 polish on a galaxy mani has it's glowy perks and Indi-Glo is perfect, for everything.

FYI, glow in the dark photos are pretty hard to capture but I think this one shows it pretty well. Serum No 5 Indi-Glo gives off a beautiful, eerie blue glow and it lasts for ages after being charged up (I use a cheap UV torch I bought on eBay), I really recommend trying one of these polishes if you never have, they are honestly fantastic, Holo and glow forever!


Thank you so much Leanne for allowing me to babble on your blog and giving me a break from my desk pile. It was also nice to dust off the cobwebs and break out a nerdy mani.


Embrace your weird, peoples!




What a fab post, thank you again Chrissie! Please find links below to all of Chrissie's social platforms... and be sure to give her a cheeky follow!


Thanks for reading!

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