Guest Post by Miss Sock

When the lovely Leanne asked if I’d like to write a guest post for her blog, I was honestly really excited!  I’ve never written a blog post before so I took a while to think about what I could possibly write about... I wanted to do something fun that incorporated my “signature” style of all things neon and kawaii, so what better than this adorable double stamped cute cakes design?!


Miss Sock


For this design i used the lovely Kawaii Emoji collection BM-XL323 plate from Bundlemonster for the cakes, and the Bundlemonster x Amyytran Blogger collab BM-XL219 plate for the background. Bundlemonster is available in the UK from if you wanted to get your hands on these adorable plates!  I used a whole bunch of polishes to colour everything, but my main base was achieved with Models Own Sugar Rush and Cosy Posy.  My stamper, brushes etc. Will be detailed in the step by step below!


Step by Step


Step 1: To create my decals, I used a nail art mat and painted a layer of clear nail polish on, and let it dry completely. 


Step 2: Once my polish was dry, I stamped my designs onto it one-by-one.  I used Mo-You London black stamping polish, and the Nail Artisan Tiffany Duo Clear stamper.


Step 3: The fun bit! I love colouring in decals – it’s like a teeny colouring book! I used a Mitty Peachy 000 detail brush for the fine detail.


Step 4: Whilst the decals were drying, I started on my nails. I painted my nails with White Light from Models Own and allowed it to dry. 


Step 5: With a latex free makeup sponge, I made a gradient using Sugar Rush and Cosy Posy and dabbed over my nails.  Pictured is 3 good dabbed coats to make it opaque!


Step 6: I stamped my base pattern with Mo-You London grey stamping polish. I often use grey for my base pattern as it makes the black lines of my decals look bolder and to give a bit of depth


Step 7: I carefully removed my now dry decals from the mat using a long pair of tweezers.  I trimmed them down with some nail scissors to get rid of the excess clear polish


Step 8: I gently positioned my decals using the tweezers, and smoothed out carefully with my finger.  I also then used my Mitty Clean Pro Flat brush dipped in some acetone just to melt the edges of the decals a bit to stick them to my nails.


Step 9: Topcoat! I always add a gloss topcoat under matte – I find it gives a more even finish and makes the matte nice and uniform. I used Seche Vite and Essie’s Matte About You


And done!  


Thank you for sticking with my post to the end - If you try this design please do tag me over on Instagram, I’d love to see your creations.


Thank you so much Leanne for inviting me to guest post – it’s been so fun to do!


Lots of love, 


Sock xXx