Guest Post by Plus 10 Kapow

I am always up for a guest post on Polished By Leanne because Leanne is so lovely and she has so much faith in me. 


I just broke my nails and had to go to shorties after having beautiful, long nails and it was bumming me out a bit doing nail art on short nails, so it had to be nerdy to give me a little bit of cheer and also, the last time I guested on here I did a nerdy mani too. Valentines Day has just happened (not that we celebrate it) and my other half's birthday is this weekend, and I kind of love him, so I did some nerd love nails.


Plus 10 Kapow


I used Barry M Cotton as a base because it is my favourite polish for white mani's, then I stamped using the Lina Hipster, Geek or Chic stamping plate and Moyou Black Knight. I did the whole stamped decal thing and filled in the hearts and controllers. The red in the hearts is a beautiful Polished By Leanne polish from the Christmas 2015 trio and the grey in the controllers is Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Earl Grey (Because it was on my desk). I then topped my middle 2 nails with Wikkid Polish Star Dust. one coat of Seche and one coat of Barry M Matte topcoat.


The controller wires are supposed to form an 8bit heart in the middle but the heart was too small so you can barely tell what it is but I still love the overall mani and any matte white mani gets my vote! 


Unfortunately, it didn't stay white for very long, one of the downsides of having green hair is that it gets everywhere and leaves a blue tinge on everything, but it looks so pretty!


If you are after this Lina plate, I got it from and they are also doing pre-orders of the fabled blank space, gradient stamping plate which I am off to do now.


Thank you so much Leanne for having me on your blog for a second time.


Stay awesome everybody