Guest Post by Talia Louise Nails

I'm so incredibly honoured that Leanne asked me to be apart of her wonderful blog & guest post. Of course I jumped at the chance to waffle on about my favourite mani & time of year.

I feel like Halloween is my jam, Like my soul season if there is such a thing. Being pretty new to the nailart game I don't think I really delved into my Halloweeney depths of artistic power. Last year for Halloween I created what is one of my favourite designs so far.

Inspiration struck when I was planning possible make up designs for my halloween costume, side note I did dead bride burnt face which I'm recreating again this year as I made my dress entirely out of net curtains & a few other bits over 3 weeks which needs to be shown off again.

So it started out with cotton wool, liquid latex & clear polish.

I started off by pulling apart cotton wool pads, then starting to roll them in to tiny little sausages.

I made sure I had more than enough ready & waiting then added a coat of clear polish to my nail so the cotton rolls had something to stick too. Placing the first roll on my nail bed I wiggled it about & kept adding to make it look as much as brain as I thought it needed. BUT cotton wool is fluffy & pretty impossible to control until you add liquid latex. I used a small liner brush & shoved latex in the creases to shaped the wool as needed. After that I used the smallest dotting tool I had to really push down into the creases I had made to get finer detail.

Now you have your basic brain shape.

Going in with a light red acrylic paint I outlined the brain bits, making sure to get right into the nuck & cranny's.

Time to pink it up, mixing up a light pink & covering the rest of the brain bits till there is no more white cotton on show.

Switch over to a super duper thin brush & shove black into the bigger of the creases, then a little brown to the other bits. Basically where ever you feel the need to slap a bit of colour go for it. You cant really go wrong its a zombie brain.

When I was happy I slapped a bit of  Revlon's China flower red polish for the wet look blood,

Taddarr, you have zombie brain nails.

For the eyeball all I did was pull out a little cotton and roll it up, try and keep a little stringy bit coming of the end you will need that to attach it to you eye socket.

Once I was happy with my little eye ball I just put a little latex on it to stop it from fluffing out again.

Now you need to give the little stringy but a couple of light tugs to fray it a little so it gives the impression your eye it still hanging on in there by all its muscles & such.

You're ready to paint

For the second zombie I just added a little cotton wool/latex for texture & added the paint after.

I did do a second 3D zombie nail which I liked but not as much as these.

Thank you so much for asking me to guest post Leanne & share a little of my weird world on your beautiful blog.

Talia Louise xx