Guest Post by Plus 10 Kapow

Of course I would jump at the chance to do a guest post for Leanne, we have been internet friends for well over a year now and she is a genuinely lovely person. Back in March, when I was still feeling MS-y, Leanne was lovely enough to do a guest post on my blog in which she did her first ever galaxy nails and I thought it was only right that I do galaxy nails for my guest post. I did, of course, put a little nerdy twist to it.

I have been re-watching Firefly a fair bit lately because my other half has just got in to it (after me badgering him to watch it for ages) and he loves it, not to mention it's freakin' awesome, so many feels, so I really wanted to do some simple Firefly nails. I went for a 'Serenity floating through space- leaf on the wind' thing and I am super chuffed with how this turned out.

The base polish I used was Polished By Leanne Nightcrawler (From when Leanne was a polish maker, it's one of my most favourite Polished By Leanne polishes)! Nightcrawler is black with a stunning, scattered holo that you can see in this terrible flash photo because the sun ran away when I went to take my photos, as it does everytime and of us put on a holo polish, amirite?

To get the galaxy effect I used Serum No 5 Indi-Glo and Barry M Cotton and a few bits of ripped makeup sponge.


My thumb has a galaxy effect and then my terrible attempt at writing 'leaf on the wind', although, it is better than some of my past freehand writing. The polish I used for the writing is Danglefoot Nail Polish Spike The Punch.

Now, using a Serum No 5 polish on a galaxy mani has it's glowy perks and Indi-Glo is perfect, for everything.

FYI, glow in the dark photos are pretty hard to capture but I think this one shows it pretty well. Serum No 5 Indi-Glo gives off a beautiful, eerie blue glow and it lasts for ages after being charged up (I use a cheap UV torch I bought on eBay), I really recommend trying one of these polishes if you never have, they are honestly fantastic, Holo and glow forever!

Thank you so much Leanne for allowing me to babble on your blog and giving me a break from my desk pile. It was also nice to dust off the cobwebs and break out a nerdy mani.

Embrace your weird, peoples!