Guest Post by Nails by Andreae


My name is Andrea, I'm 14 years old, I live in Sweden and I have an Instagram account where I post pictures and tutorials of nail designs I do. My Instagram : @nailsbyandreae
Some time ago Leanne asked me if I wanted to do a guest post here and of course I wanted to do that!

So, I have made a picture here where I show how you step by step do this dry marble design.
It's not the best quality because it's screenshots from my tutorial. If you want to see the video and all the other designs I've made, check out my instagram  

1. Start off by painting two coats of white.
2. Then take a peel off polish, liquid latex or glue and paint around your nail. I used liquid latex. You do that because when the design is finished you'll have much nail polish around the nail. Then it'll be easy to just peel it off instead of having to take nail polish remover and try to clean it up. You can choose if you want to do that or not but I recommend it.
3. Put striping tape all over the nail like stripes.
4. Drip some dots of a polish. I used a dark green colour
5. Do that again, with another polish. I used a mint green colour
6. And finally drip some dots again with a third polish. I chose a blue colour.
7. Then take plastic foil and dab (DAB) it on the nail so that the colours smudges out and mix.
8. I dripped some more polish and dabbed (DAB) on the nail with the plastic foil again
9. Take off the striping tape.
10. Peel off the liquid latex.
11. And finish it all with top coat!

DONE! I hope you liked my little step by step tutorial and thank you Leanne for the opportunity to guest blog here. :D