Guest Post by LittleF218

The lovely and talented Leanne approached me to ask if I would like to do a guest post on her blog. I jumped at the chance! This is my first blog post and have had such a fun time writing it and taking photos.

I have recently done two different types of gradient nails on my Instagram and wanted to share with you how I achieved them!

The first is a glitter gradient. These are one of my favourite designs to try as they are so versatile and the colours can be switched up for any season.

To begin I chose an off white base of Barry M Coconut - I would definitely recommend this as a base for nail art as it is slightly softer than having a bright white base all the time.

Once that had dried completely I added striping tape. For my accent or main colour I chose a deep purple: OPI - A Grape Affair which is very opaque and perfect for this as it is a one coat wonder. While the polish is still wet I peeled the tape off.

Lastly, once my nails were dry I dabbed glitter onto a makeup sponge and sponged it onto my nails concentrating the glitter at the cuticles. I used three different types of glitter to create some depth. I like to use two fine glitters (Revlon Stunning and a Ciatรฉ) and then a chunky glitter OPI Muppets World Tour, but you can use just one glitter or two if you prefer.

The second gradient I have to show you today is a reciprocal gradient. This is the first time I have tried this technique but I have admired it for ages. I have used three polishes but sponged gradients can also be achieved with two or more colours. I chose: OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook, You're Such A Budapest and Barry M - Papaya.

Firstly I would recommend using a white base to ensure the colours look as vibrant as possible when you sponge them. For this look I used Sinful Colors Snow White which is a brilliant and very opaque white. I was really surprised with how good the formula was for such a low price point, I would go so far as to say it was better than the OPI Alpine Snow.

I would then recommend using tape or a latex barrier around the cuticles and top of the finger to make clean up easier. I have to do this as I'm a little bit of a control freak and can't stand messy cuticles and edges!

Next, paint three lines of your polishes onto the sponge and gently sponge onto your white base once it has completely dried. This step will most likely need to be repeated leaving a few seconds in between coats.

Once I was happy with how they looked I left them to dry before adding striping tape to my nails. I added five pieces to each nail to give some space for the original gradient to show through.

I then repainted the colours onto the sponge in the opposite order and sponged over the tape. I repeated this twice and while the polish was still wet I removed the tape. The end result looks brilliant in my opinion! You will be able to see the original gradient where the tape was placed.

To finish I added a thin layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust just to jazz it up! But if glitter isn't your thing then just add a topcoat and you're all done!

If you fancy giving any of these designs, I wouldlove to see your recreations or inspired looks then please tag me on Instagram so I can see them, like them and bombard your comments with a plethora of emojis ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’• 

Thank you Leanne again for asking me to do this - I have had such a great time!

Faye :)