Veleza is the new Instagram for Beauty Addicts

I'm so excited to chat with you guys about this new app that has very recently been brought to my attention. As you may know, Instagram has always been my favourite platform, but lately something is a miss and I don't seem to see peoples posts or comments anymore and it's becoming increasingly harder to gain likes and follows. 

On one of my latest posts, a lady mentioned that as I am hooked on nails and beauty, I should give the Veleza App a go. So I did! I've been hooked ever since.

What is it?

Veleza App

You can do so much within this app. You upload your photos as you would with Instagram, you can caption, comment, and hashtag like Instagram, but here is where it gets interesting. You can tag particular products used in your photo, as well as rate and review it for other users to see. 

There is also a discussion button, where users can ask beauty questions, leave hints and tips, share info, it's fab! I have come across so many new products that I would love to try through this feature.

I feel like this may be a fairly new app, as there are still lots of products and brands missing, but not to worry! You can actually add products, they even sort the photo out for you. 

Veleza App

There's also some fun features such as a gem reward system. Each time you post, tag, like, comment etc you earn gems which you can use to buy avatar badges to display in your profile. These badges include cruelty-free, vegan, dog person, cat person ... so it gives you the chance to share a bit more about yourself to your followers. There's some fun badges too, you can be a unicorn, and well who wouldn't want to be a unicorn?! 

Final Thoughts

What can I say other than I love Veleza?! Its free, fun and addictive and is fast becoming my most used app. Make sure you download it and give it a go - what do you have to lose? Make sure you pop by my profile and we can become pals on there too.


Thanks for reading

Love, Leanne Xx