The Happiness Planner App

I have recently been trying out a new app that I'd seen the business 'The Happiness Planner' promoting over the last few months or so, and I am completely hooked.

If you've seen my previous posts, you may know that I have a diary from them which has really helped to keep me motivated and stay positive (especially with recent events at home!) When I saw that they were introducing an app, I knew I had to get it...

Once downloaded, the app takes you through a series of questions e.g. where you see yourself in 5 - 10 years, what your strong features are and your weaknesses etc... You are then left with a home screen that consists of the month you are on. You can scroll backwards and forwards through the months, but you can tap on each day and a menu is produced.





You can fill in a to-do list, your schedule, your diet and exercise, what and who you are grateful for etc...

Really quick and easy for when you're on the go!

Each day there is a new quote to read which you can choose to favourite and then be able to easily access at a later date. Along with a daily quote, there is a daily reading, mostly motivational and inspiring posts which I'm really enjoying keeping up with. 





In the top menu you can edit your 'happiness roadmap' which was the series of questions from the installation of the app. You can also input your monthly goals, monthly reflection notes, create a bucket list, read back through your favourite daily quotes and even read through the daily reading list. There is a quick link to their shop too which is quite handy!





I'm still currently on my free trial, I believe you get about two weeks free, then it goes to £2.99 a month which to be honest I don't think is bad, I've paid more for less and I've really come to enjoy this app. You can use it as a bullet journal if like me you're not very good at creating fancy notebooks!





If you enjoy reading but have a lot going on and not much time for a book, this is also really useful, the daily readings are enough to settle down with a cuppa tea for 10mins then off you go. If you're trying to improve your diet and exercise this will really help to keep track and keep you motivated.

Not only does this app help to keep you organised, I feel it helps to remind you that even in tough and trying times, when you're feeling frustrated and annoyed, that there is always something to be grateful for, there is always someone to be grateful for, and that things do come to test us - we just need to go with the flow and persevere. Not bad for a push of a button haha! 

There's just so much to this app, and I really do recommend it.

Let me know if you've had a go with it, what you thought and if you will continue to subscribe. 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx