My New Look Sale Haul

At the age of 28 I find it's finally time to admit that my body has changed - for the better! - and I am no longer a size 8... For too long have I been squeezing myself into tightly fitted jeans and making myself feel uncomfortable just to try and look half decent...

No more! I want to be comfortable! This should be achievable whilst still looking fairly decent - right? I decided to have a little look online and see what I could find. 

New Look has been my go - to for a while now, they have grown on me, clothing is really nice with a nice price point. They seemed to have quite a selection of Sale left so that's where I began.



My sale haul came to just under £120 for 17 items. Bargain! I treat myself to new leggings, joggers, t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, trainers, and some shirts and a jacket too. I've been able to donate my much loved skinny size 8's and refill my wardrobe.


Let's take a closer look

Starting with the bottoms...



Here is a smarter pair of joggers in black, complete with a tie round the waist and elastic around the ankles. They feel really good quality, light and will be perfect for trips out shopping or a nice evening meal. They cost £8. How could I resist? 

Also shown are a pair of high waisted grey leggings and a two pack of black leggings. The grey cost £5 and the duo £12.99 (I don't think the duo were Sale but still a fair price).

I figured I'd stock up on some plain tees, they cost £3.99 each.

Next up are the shirts...



I've been after a denim shirt for God knows how long, and I finally have one! This cost £7.

The check green shirt is another fab find, it feels so soft and will be so easy to wear. It cost a staggering £9.

Here we have some more designs in tees...



I love the metallic touch to the sporty grey top, it only cost £7, the striped black and white top was only £4, and the long sleeved dusky pink top was £5.99

Amazing value so far right? Let's go on...



This burgundy top is oversized (purposefully!) and so I got it in an 8. The sleeves stop just above the elbow, and the material is soft and floaty, perfect when teamed up with the leggings! This set me back £5.

Now let's have a look at this forest green hoodie...



It is so comfortable and warm! Very soft material and easy to throw on with any casual outfit. It cost a tremendous £5.

We all need a sporty hoodie to at least look like we exercise don't we?! Here it is..



It was mine for £6. Cheap as chips!

Here is possibly my favourite buy.... 



Its pink! So warm and perfect for spring, I can't believe it was only £12.

Last but not least I shall mention the white trainers that have snuck into a few of these photos. They have a slight platform, not enough to look daft, just enough to give a little extra height. They are comfy too, and will be easy to throw on with any of the above items. These were only £15.99


So that concludes my New Look sale haul, some fantastic buys wouldn't you agree? Not only that, but I'm another step closer to being more comfortable in my own skin and embracing my new body image rather than beating myself up and feeling bad about it! I really feel like New Look has something for everyone, their choice is unbeatable and the prices, even at full price are so affordable. 

Have you been shopping at New Look lately? What did you treat yourself to? Let me know in the comments..

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx