The £15 Marks and Spencer Jegging Every Girl Needs

A little while ago I wrote about my little sale haul from New Look as I was adjusting to my new body shape and needed to update my style and wardrobe. The only thing I didn't get - as I struggle with them - is a few pairs of jeans. 

I used to love jeans and practically lived in them, but I started to feel so uncomfortable in them. Probably because I was wearing the wrong size alongside a super skinny fit, but hey-ho! Needless to say that with my wardrobe change they were thrown in the Oxfam bag...

Ordering jeans online without being able to try them first was out of the question for me as getting them to fit me in stores is a challenge, having to try many, many different styles and sizes before finally finding the perfect fit. 

I work at Marks and Spencer's (please note I wasn't asked or paid to write this post!) and my job role allows me to see all that ladieswear has to offer. I'd noticed these jeggings first for the feel of them, they're so soft and seemed like they'd be super comfortable. Then I looked at the price, £15!  Normally I'd pay up to £50 for a pair of good jeans so this price point was incredible. After work I picked up a pair to try on. 

They fit amazing! I tried a size 10 regular and didn't even need to try any other sizes or lengths, it was the perfect fit. These jeggings come in a good variety of colours, but unfortunately my store didn't have the size I needed in all of them. As soon as I got home I ordered them in all the colours except black - I have too many black trousers/joggers already haha! 

I had a £5 off jeans offer on my Sparks card and when used with my staff discount all four pairs came to £44. My days of paying £50 for one pair of jeans are over! 

These jeggings not only fit amazing and move with your body (rather than restricting your body's movement), but they look great too! If you're conscious about the belly area, these fit flat to your stomach with no zips and buttons, so you're good to go. Look good and feel great! Even the pockets are sewn on just for effect. When wearing longer length tops it looks a lot tidier too. 

I love that they sit high on the waist, I'm used to hip huggers, but having them a touch higher just makes them even more comfortable! They finish on the ankles too, so they look great with flats, heels, and even tucked into knee high boots in winter. 

You will get so much wear out of these, they are perfect for everyday, and can even be glammed up with a pair of heels and a posh top for a night out. They are suitable for any age, from teenager to the more mature, and for any size and shape, sizes start from a 6 regular to a 22 long. 

If you don't own a pair of these yet, click HERE, you won't look back. With Marks and Spencer you know that you're paying for quality too, that £15 jegging will last you and love you 5X over than that £4 pair from Primarni! 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx