Hersday, Making Her Day Better

**contains PR products**

Hey everyone, today I am going to be talking about something rather different than you are used to from me, but I was approached by Hersday a couple of month ago to try out their subscription box. They very kindly sent me two months supply...

With Hersday, you can set up your own plan which I'll talk about in a bit, which include panty liners, and daily and night use pads for that time of month. They are very soft, very comfortable, high quality with a delicate fragrance. The daily and night use pads come also complete with wings for extra security.  

Each liner comes individually wrapped, the packaging in general is very discreet.

Daily Liners

You can feel such a difference between the Hersday daily liners and for instance the Always ones, not only are they much, much softer (as mentioned above), but they are slightly fragranced with a cooling effect which makes wear throughout the day comfortable and keeps you feeling fresh and clean. 

I found the liners to stay in place all day with no problem, if you have a sensitive bladder, these will be great as they are super absorbent. 

I only needed to use one of these per day, so for the 'medium flow' package, which we will take a look at later, you get just over a week's worth of product.

Day Pads

These have the same features as above, with a few added extras. My own personal preference when it comes to that time of month is to use Tampons, so using day pads was a little daunting at first. 

These day pads are obviously a touch thicker and longer than the liners, but have the same amount of comfort. I found them to keep me feeling fresh and clean all day, only needing to use two per day. If you go for the 'medium flow' package you will receive 12 day pads, which if you only use two per day like myself, gives you 6 days worth of product. 

I felt secure all day at work as the day pads come with wings, which help to keep it in place all day, moving with you, adding to the comfort factor. To be honest, I completely forgot I was even wearing them, which says a lot as I haven't used these kinds of sanitary items in many, many years. 

As the day pads were so absorbent, and I don't particularly have a heavy flow, I was actually able to use these for on a night too. In fact my perfect package would be to maybe add more of these day pads in replace of the night time ones.

Night Pads

The night pads have all the same features as above, incredible comfort, incredible absorbency, delicate fragrance, cooling effect, and wings. The only difference here is that they are slightly longer than the day pads, to give you even more security as you naturally move around in your sleep. As mentioned before, I didn't really need to use these as I found the day pads sufficient, but for the sake of the review I did try one out one night, and I found it to be just as absorbent and comfortable, and still perfectly in tact the next morning.  

If you go for the 'medium flow' package you will receive 5 of these, which I think is more than sufficient.

Overall I have been more than satisfied with this brand and there products, and they have provided me with an excellent alternative to my usual preference of Tampons. 

Now that I have given my own personal review, lets take a closer look at the packages and a little more about the company...

How it works

Pop on over to Hersday's website and click on 'get started'. Here you can choose your flow, ranging from light to heavy. It will show you exactly how much of each product you will get, for example, if you pick 'medium flow' you will receive 8 liners, 12 day pads, and 5 night pads. 

Once you've decided on this, the next page takes you to how long of a supply you'd like, monthly, every 3 months, or every 6 months. The most popular choice is every 3 months, for the first month it would cost you $4.99 (roughly £3.72) then $11.49 (roughly £8.57) which I think is incredible value for money, especially considering that you get free delivery too.

This is a super easy and quick process, and once it's done, it's one less thing to worry about. 


About Hersday

Hersday strive to bring you the best sanitary products on the market, claiming that their pads absorb more than their competitors on the market, resulting in a more comfortable day for you! As they were not completely satisfied with what other retailers are offering, they decided to conduct their own extensive testing to bring you the best products possible.  

This company is looking to increase awareness of feminine hygiene worldwide, whilst providing a more convenient alternative by delivering the products straight to your door. 

Hersday is based in Malaysia, with more offices in Taiwan and the Philippines and their teams are built up of strong, like-minded women. 

They also donate part of their profits to the Foundation for Women's Cancer, which is an amazing cause, helping women towards beating cancer. 

If you would like any more information, please do visit their website HERE and be sure to find them over on INSTAGRAM

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx