Discovering Niederegger Marzipan

*Contains PR products*

Today I have a very different kind of post to what we are used to, but a very exciting and special one at the same time. It’s not every day that I receive chocolates in PR, so you can imagine how giddy I was to be presented with this bundle of sweet treats to celebrate Marzipan Week!

My husband absolutely loves marzipan, so of course he helped me to taste test these pretties after all of the photos had been taken! I’ll do a run down of products first, then we can chat a little about Niederegger later.

This review not only includes my opinions but also Rob’s, so you’re getting a two for one deal here…

Praline Multipack

The first item we dived into was the pack of Assorted Mini Loaves, the perfect bite-sized treats and in a fun selection of flavours too. The pack of 8 includes Pineapple, Pistachio, Orange and Espresso flavours (two of each), which are covered in the most yummy dark chocolate that is very creamy to the taste and melts softly in the mouth. Even though the chocolate has a nice crack to the first bite, it is not too thick or overpowering, you get a nice balance of flavour between it and the marzipan.

We found the Pineapple and Pistachio flavours to be a lot milder, fairly subtle, but the Orange and Espresso had a nice sharp punch to them, very tasty indeed.

To purchase the 8 pack individually it would cost £4.25

Loaf of the Year, Apple Strudel

I couldn’t wait to dip into this because I love apple flavour everything. The Apple Strudel loaf is a limited edition item that is covered in creamy milk chocolate. It has the same crack to the first bite as before which I find so satisfying!

There is a perfect mix of mouthwatering apple, marzipan and chocolate to the loaf, with a hint of something extra…cake perhaps? It truly is a taste sensation, and one of my absolute favourites from the parcel.

To purchase this 125g loaf individually it would cost £4.25

Marzipan Stick N Go

We received two of these marzipan sticks, one was a Walnut & Rum flavour and the other was a Amarena Cherry flavour.

Walnut & Rum - for this stick the rum was the most prominent flavour, and only a few moments after eating could you taste the cheeky hint of walnut. The chocolate to these are a little thicker to what we had seen from the previous items, but still just as creamy. This flavour marzipan is covered with milk chocolate.

Amarena Cherry - this is another one of my absolute favourites. The Amarena Cherry stick has such a unique taste, bitter meets sweet, it sends your tastebuds into overdrive! I’m not usually one to prefer a dark chocolate over milk, but this is a definite winner in my book. The flavour really bursts in your mouth, if you love cherries, you’re going to love this too.

To purchase these sticks individually, they cost £1.34 each

Classic Marzipan Loaf

Here you get to taste the Niederegger Marzipan in it’s truest form, no extra flavours, just pure mouthwatering, tastebud popping marzipan topped off with beautiful creamy dark chocolate.

The marzipan literally just melts into the mouth, and the flavour is just incredible. This loaf is the perfect size to share, we cut it into slices and enjoyed with a cup of tea.

Included in the box was a 110g loaf, but it can actually be purchased in four different sizes ranging from 48g - 200g. There is also the option to get milk chocolate in the 125g size.

Prices when purchased individually start from £1.99 to £7

I messed up here and didn’t manage to get a photo of this product, we must have been feeling too greedy and on a marzipan high by this point! However, to give you an idea of size, please refer to the Apple Strudel image, the chocolate to marzipan ratio is very much the same.

Classic Marzipan Bar

We received the plain dark chocolate, but you can even buy this in the Orange flavour as well as in a plain milk chocolate option.

Here is a great product to have in the cupboard, maybe you’re not one to eat a lot of sweet treats at a time (can’t relate!) and prefer to break off a piece here and there for the odd treat throughout the day/week.

I feel like I can’t say anything here without repeating myself, this bar has the same yummy quality as all the others mentioned before, melts in the mouth, creamy chocolate… just yum, yum, yum!

These 110g bars can be purchased individually for £2.99 each


I had to save my cute little Santa treat for last! This is the same idea as the classic marzipan loaf, only in the form of Santa! It has the same taste and same high quality.

It looks like he is only available at the moment as part of the £25 Christmas Hamper, which contents include what I’ve shown you today.

So now that we have explored the kind of products you can find from Niederegger, let’s chat a little bit about the brand and where you can buy it from…

About Niederegger

Niederegger is a German, family run company that begun their journey in 1806. They are the only premium manufacturer that produces its own marzipan paste using a special blend of 58% aromatic Mediterranean almonds, sugar, and a secret ingredients comparable to rose water. They only use the highest quality of ingredients, ensuring the very best for their customers.

Niederegger produce a wonderful selection of marzipan treats, today’s post only shares a handful of what they have to offer. You can visit to see the full range. Have you tried any of the products from this brand? Which are your favourites?

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx