Guest Post by Uptown Nails

Hi guys! I was super excited when Leanne asked me to guest on her blog, I did a happy little wiggly dance right in my seat 😆 Leanne is such a sweetie and I love writing, so I couldn't say no.

So...I was technically supposed to write about what I got for Christmas....but I don't celebrate Christmas and my birthday is on the 22nd of December so I thought birthday presents would suffice. After all, I'm pretty sure everyone has had their fill of the festive season for the year!

So with the question "What do I write about?" out of the way....I feel some introductions are in order! If you already know me from instagram, you'll know that I'm always a little too excited to be meeting new people and often forget to introduce myself! Well...not today! My name is Mirza and I am so happy to be meeting anyone and everyone who reads this! I run a nail account on instagram and have recently started up my own blog, I currently live in Pakistan and I absolutely love telling stories! You can find me here, and here. Now that that's done, lets get on with the presents!!

The first present I got was a new laptop, what with me hoping to go off to university soon, and starting up my blog, my parents decided to get me a laptop. Its a Lenovo E40, and yes, I only know that because it says so on the bottom left corner of the screen. In my defense, I've been loyal only to smart phones and tablets, so I never really kept track of the laptop models. Honestly. If you ask me to tell you what the new MacBook is called and what features it has; I'll just pretend I didn't hear you and try to distract you with my nails 😁😇



Moving back on track, I also got a cool official-looking bag to carry my laptop around. It does clash a bit with my personality, seeing as I'm always cracking jokes, but it makes me feel like a boss. So...thanks Mum!


I also got this perfume and lotion set from Clinique. The perfume I like it for the spring and summer, but I don't like wearing lotions because Karachi is really humid, so its sticky enough as it is without these lotions. Also, I have OCD, so I constantly sanitise and wash my hands so there's really no point in me actually wearing it.


Last but not least! Make-up! This is actually a present I bought myself.....but I bought it back in June. I was in L.A. and we don't have Smashbox in Pakistan I thought an early birthday present was in order! I wanted to buy their liquid lipstick in red so that's what I did.


Picture taken with flash to show the true colour.*


And that's it for my birthday present round up. I hope the new year is treating everyone well so far! Have a great day guys 💓


Thanks for having me on here Leanne! It was fun :)