Guest Post by Handmade by Holly

Hello everyone :) I was so made up when the lovely Leanne asked if I'd like to write a guest post today about my new little craft business Handmade by Holly. I met Leanne through Instagram and after admiring her beautiful nail polish posts (seriously wish I had her nail painting skills!) it's been so lovely to chat with her over the past couple of months and get to follow her gorgeous pup Bobbie's adventures too.

I started Handmade by Holly back in May; this year has been a bit tough for me as I suffer with two chronic illnesses (Fibromyalgia & Joint Hypermobility Syndrome) and I've unfortunately found my health deteriorating since the beginning of the year, so I wanted to do something positive that I could be really passionate about and throw myself into (whilst still being able to rest on my sofa of course hehe!) I'd been thinking for such a long time that I'd love to do something from home, but I had no idea where to begin and then one quiet Saturday afternoon I found myself browsing Pinterest for wedding inspiration, as you do, and I was thinking about what I could do for my wedding favours (I'm getting married next year eeee!) and the more I scrolled the more I started thinking about little hanging heart decorations and keyrings that could be personalised with our names and wedding date. Once I had that initial idea I just kept thinking of more things that I'd like to make and I've started a note on my phone now so I keep a list of my different ideas and things that inspire me  I made a trip to a local sewing shop the following Monday and stocked up on pretty Cath Kidston inspired fabrics, and after a couple of weeks of experimenting I created my Handmade by Holly account on Instagram and started sharing my designs. 


It was quite daunting to begin with as I was really worried that no one would like my little creations, but I've been completely overwhelmed by the support I've received through Instagram, and it's been so much fun working on different animal designs for people and tracking down different coloured fabrics/bows/sequins/'s safe to say I've become a little bit addicted to buying craft supplies! Recently I've also started making customised shopper tote bags (I have lots of christmassy designs for these coming up soon which I'm SO excited about!!) and decoupaged decorative spoons and photo frames, all using Cath Kidston or Cath Kidston inspired napkins. I'm hoping to have a try at memory bears and cushions at some point too...I absolutely love the endless opportunities that being creative brings and it's given me a sense of purpose again, as well as making me so incredibly happy I feel like I could pop!  

I'm always happy to take custom orders from people and the Bobbie keyring I made for Leanne is still one of my favourite things I've made  

Thank you so much Leanne for letting me share this post today and for all of your support,

Lots of love,

Holly x