Guest Post by Crystal and Vanilla

Crystal and Vanilla

Hi Everyone!

I was absolutely delighted when lovely Leanne asked if I’d write a guest post for Polished By Leanne.

So I thought I would tell you more about me and Crystal and Vanilla, my online Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine.

After meeting Leanne through Instagram, envying her fabulous nail posts, Leanne has quickly become one of my most supportive customers!

But we’ll get on to that later!

I have always had a love for beauty and a passion for fashion for as long as I can remember.

I trained as a Beautician and hair technician many years ago, before Leanne was born probably! Crikey, that makes me feel old!

So I’ve been surrounded by lotions and potions every day since.

Whether it be my applying them or giving advice to customers, or me having treatments when I modelled back in the 80’s.

A couple of years ago I was asked to write for an online beauty magazine, after a couple of months submitting my work I thought I should really be writing for myself and pass on my hints and tips that I’ve picked up over the years to my own readers.

So Crystal and Vanilla was born!

Since then I’ve added Lifestyle to the mix including recipes that I test on everyone around me, whether they like spinach or not!

So, if you pop over to see what’s on my menu, I hope you enjoy making and eating some of my offerings!

I’ve been making jewellery for over ten years now, mostly to private customers, friends and family.

A mix of jewellery, but also bridal jewellery and tiaras etc.

When at Christmas 2015, I just decided to design and create a range of jewellery and open a Jewellery & Accessories Shop on Crystal and Vanilla!

So whilst you’re mulling over a moisturiser or recreating a recipe, you can also buy a bracelet!

My creations aren’t your everyday norm, but then I’m not either!

I always want to be different, not to make the same designs as everybody else, and to stand out from the crowd!

So some items are a bit quirky! But I like to say individual!

If you love your beauty like I do, then I’m hoping you love the personalised lipstick and nail polish bag charms and keyrings!

I know Leanne does because she has her own personalised nail polish bag charm!

Every one of my handbags has one of my charms on it now!

There are lots more fabulous pieces on the way! Badges, brooches, hair accessories to name just a few, I’m a very busy creator so watch this space!

Thank you Leanne for allowing me to talk to your audience, and for all your support.

As one of my many returning customers, you are quite clearly extremely supportive of small businesses and for that I am truly grateful.

Health and happiness everybody!