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Getting Chunky This Winter

I know some people feel sad to say goodbye to the Summer months but for me, i’m actually really happy that Autumn/Winter isn't far away. It means so many of my favourite things are about to happen; the buzz and excitement around Christmas, going to see lots of amazing firework shows in November, dressing up for Halloween, but most importantly, getting to go shopping for new, fabulous Winter accessories, like we need an excuse to go shopping! I was really surprised at how many amazing things I found whilst browsing the accessorises sections of various websites but this actually made me feel quite overwhelmed at the shear quantity and variety that’s out there. How can you possibly choose from so much? This got me thinking, I wonder how other people choose their fashion accessories? Do you decide on your outfits and then get your accessories afterwards or do you accessorise first and work the outfit around that?


For me, it’s all about accessories first and the outfits later. I love to have a huge collection of accessories to choose from that I can work into outfits afterwards, this might sound a little strange but it really works for me. For example, I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous Invicta Watch and although it is a man’s watch, I think the style is perfect for the cold Winter months when everything is super sized and super chunky. How I choose accessories is mostly done on the time of year, as I guess most people do it. I go big and chunky in the colder months and pretty, dainty and girly in the Summer when clothes are about being free and flowy. My backwards way of thinking does have some sense in that once I find a pieces I like, I will then look to see which items of clothing would go well with it. So, once I found my gorgeous Winter watch, I would then think about what jacket or jumper might look nice with it. Something like this Fat Face Gilet, for example, the stunning aubergine colour is perfect for Autumn, goes well with the brown watch strap and would be great for wearing a thick, cream, chunky knit underneath it with this beautiful, oversized scarf from Zara.


I think many people are scared of going big with their items of clothing and accessories for fear of making themselves look bigger, which is a shame as I love the oversized style, especially in the colder months. Winter is the time to experiment with looks and outfits, you can get away with so many weird and wonderful styles you probably couldn’t in the Summer months so get experimenting! You never know, you may find a new style you never thought would suit you, just by doing something outside your usual safe zone. I first started trying out new styles last Winter with a huge chunky scarf over a cute, and slightly fitted leather jacket and I remember getting so many compliments from random people in the street. It gave me so much confidence to try more new things when it came to my style and it’s continued to grow ever since. Step out of your comfort zone this Winter and do things you like with your style, buy that super chunky watch you never thought would suit you but really liked, open your mind to new things and get chunky this Winter, bigger is better!


Thank you for taking the time to read this post!


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