Sub Terra

Hey everyone! Today I thought we could chat about a new board game that the hubby and I recently tried out, Sub Terra. This game was backed by Rob on Kickstarter, he's added some fab games to the collection through doing this. 

In this game you find yourselves trapped underground, and you need to work together to make your way out alive. Of course there's a few obstacles thrown in to make it super challenging. You can have up to six players in this game, and it can take up to an hour to complete, maybe a bit more on your first try. 

The aim is to make it out before your time is up, so you need to find the exit tile before using all of the hazard cards. The game will end if all characters fall unconscious, you run out of time, or hopefully when all cavers make it to the exit tile. 

What's in the box?

- 8 Character cards

- 8 Character pieces

- Cave tiles

- Hazard cards

- Action tokens

- Game & Health markers, horror pieces, a die

- Rulebook


How to get started and choosing your character

First of all take time setting up your game space, mixing up cave tiles etc.. I usually leave this bit to Rob haha! Once you've got everything organised, everything in place (this games set up is really quick!), choose your characters. As there was only Rob and I playing, we chose two characters each. Then grab your coloured character pieces.

Each character comes with different specialist skills to help you through the underground. I decided to choose the Geologist who could use one action to remove rubble and set aside the first cave tile at the beginning of the game, and also the Scout who could choose to discard a cave tile and accept the next and who also is stealthy, meaning that she could avoid damage from horror tokens. 

Other characters include an engineer who loves explosives, a diver who doesn't lose health from flooding, a medic who can heal (was that too obvious? haha!), a climber, a leader and a bodyguard who can remove horror token but he also starts off with the highest amount of health. 

So now that you've chosen your character(s) it's time to get going! 

Place your start tile and pop on your little character pieces, the colours will match your character cards. 


Cave Tiles, Hazard Cards and Horrors

Your characters are all stood on the start tile, the time has come to decide who will make the start and begin the journey! Work your way clockwise around the characters once you have decided who starts. 

There are three phases to each turn. First up is your action phase. You can choose to move, reveal, move and reveal the next cave tile, run (move three spaces), or heal. Once each caver has used up their two actions, it's time for the horror phase. If a horror has been activated it will need to move one tile closer to your characters or if you've decided to go separate ways, it will follow whoever is closest. If a horror ends up on the same tile as you, you will immediately lose all health and become unconscious.

Now its time for the hazard phase. On your cave tiles you may notice little symbols representing either water, rubble, gas, or maybe even a horror. If you pick a hazard card that says flood, any cave tile that has the water symbol will flood. If you have a character already on that specific tile they will lose health, or if you need to pass through the area, it will cost you both of your actions. 

If you pick a hazard card that says cave-in, roll your die. If any of your cave tiles has a symbol of rubble with an image of dice that match the number you have just rolled, those tiles will suffer a cave-in. If your character happens to be on one of these tiles at the time, they will lose health. If you need to pass through the area, you won't be able to until it has been cleared.

I won't go through each of the hazards as I'm sure you get the idea by now! Work together as a team and overcome these obstacles and avoid those dreaded horrors. 

Would I recommend this game?

Absolutely! Even though we tried this out for the first time a couple of days ago and lost wahh! It will be interesting to try it out again, maybe using different characters, maybe splitting up rather than sticking together as a group. 

It's one of those games that you can play over and over again, and probably reach a different conclusion each and every time. 

It has been so well thought out, and the artwork is incredible. I must mention that the tiles and die also glow in the dark...yes! It can be like a real underground experience! I love these details, it makes the game even more appealing. 

If you feel like you've become a pro at the game and no longer find it challenging enough - never fear! There is the option to make the play through harder by flipping over the hazard cards. This will mean that each hazard or horror will happen twice. I'm not sure we are ready for that just yet! I need more time haha! 


Where can I buy it?

You can buy this over on Board Game Guru, though it looks like its out of stock almost everywhere at the moment. You can buy the standard addition at £24.99 or the deluxe edition at £84.99 which is also out of stock! It really must have been very popular! 

Maybe save the link I've added and just keep trying. It really is a fabulous game, very interesting and you will definitely get lots of game time out of it. 


Just as a little side note...if you enjoy boardgames and have Instagram, Rob has a great account to follow and interact HERE for more.


Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx