Quite recently my hubby went to the EGX Gaming convention in Birmingham where he discovered a fab new game for us to play - Lightseekers. It's a trading card game and it's very easy to learn which is essential for me haha!

If you like your games and have played Magic the Gathering before, you will find that this is quite similar. In your deck you will have a 'hero' and a series of action and item cards to take out your opponent with. 


You start off with a health of around 30 depending on your choice of hero, and the objective is to use the different abilities, powers and buffs to bring the opponents health down to 0 before the same happens to you. 

Game time for us has been around half an hour, which could vary on how many of you are playing. The game is for 2-4 players from the age 8+, so a great idea for some family time. 

There are different decks to build, there's dread, storm, nature, tech, mountain and astral. They all have different qualities and types of attack, so to keep things interesting, we invested in all starter packs. You can also buy booster packs which really help to build your deck and add a variety of different cards which include 'shinnies' and rares.


The artwork on the cards is beautiful, really detailed, you can tell that an awful lot of thought, time and effort has gone into creating this game. 

Each starter pack is approx. £20 and includes 45 trading cards all of which are augmented reality cards which I'll touch on later in this post. Also in the pack you get a unique tribute card, a paper play mat and counter to track health. It also comes complete with a card box to store your cards in.

The booster box we got off Amazon cost approx. £70 and for this you get 24 booster packs which each contain 9 cards. So for the £70 you get 216 cards to play and build your deck with...this may seem pricey but if gaming is your gig, it's definitely worth it. 



I decided to download this app as it's free! I installed it onto my ipad and I have to say that even though it's all very new to me and I'm still fluffing my way through it and figuring it all out, it is so much fun! 

You choose your character and are released into a wide open world which you explore and complete quests. As you complete these quests and battle, your character levels up which unlocks new abilities to use. 

If I have figured this out correctly...the augmented cards which come in your starter packs from the card game can be scanned and brought to life in this app when you need extra help battling. I think they also provide you with a one off bonus too, which could be things like loot, gear or xp points for your character. You can visit their website for more in-depth information on what these cards are and what they do. 

There is so much more to this app which I'm still discovering for myself, all I can say is try it out! What do you have to lose? It's totally free, and you will soon become hooked. 



This is something we haven't delved into yet as we are still learning, but you can actually buy smart action figures that connect to the game. They look awesome, but I don't know if this may be more for the younger generation. I'm quite happy with my app and playing the card game with the hubby haha!

If these figures sound like something you'd like to have a go with yourself, take a look over on amazon!


Is this a game you think you'd like to try? Or maybe you've already gotten hooked on it? I'd love to know! 

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx