Formula D

Formula D is a really enjoyable racing type board game that the whole family can get involved with. For this game all you have to do is get your racing cars across the finish line before your competitors...although of course there are a few obstacles in the way! Make sure not to use up all of your wear points - the less of these you get, the better!

This game can be played by 2 to 10 players, and can last for approx 1 hour. 

Formula D

What's in the Box?

- 1 x double sided game board

- 6 different coloured dice representing car gears

- 1 black die for damage/events

- 10 mini cars in different colours

- 10 dashboards/gear sticks/markers for wear points


How to get started

Follow the instructions to set up your game space, as I've mentioned in previous posts I always leave this bit to Rob! But the instructions are easy to follow and explain everything you need to know about the setup, it literally takes a few minutes.

Once your board and other bits and pieces are all laid out, it's time to choose your colour and roll the die to see whereabouts at the start line each players cars begin. As there is only Rob and I playing, we each have two cars to play with. 

Time to get racing! The order depends on where your car ends up, instead of taking turns between players, you go by the order of the cars. So if you are in the lead, you go first, and so on and so on. 

Formula D

The different colour dice match the different gears on your dashboard. You can only go up and down gears once a turn, unless you desperately need to lower your gears in one go, but this comes at a cost. You can only go down by three gears which in turn would equal three wear points. The higher the gear, the further you will be able to move. 

Both the Monaco track and the City track have outlined areas where you need to end your turn so many times before moving forward. This means you will need to keep an eye on how fast, and how high your gears are. If you don't stop the amount of times specified for each particular area, you will lose wear points. 

We haven't played the advanced version of the game yet, but this includes extra obstacles including danger zones, angry residents, and speed limits.

Formula D

Another thing to keep an eye on is if your car lands next to an opponents. If this happens you will each need to roll the black die to see if either of you take any damage (wear points). 

We find theres a lot of back and forth between cars, one minute I'll be in the lead, the next Rob, just like a real race! I get super competitive, but unfortunately it seems that Rob has the upper-hand in this game as he always tends to win. Obviously the first car over the finish line wins.


Would I recommend this game?

Yes, even if you don't enjoy car racing, this is still really fun! I can't be doing with racing on TV or when Robs playing it on the Xbox/Playstation, the sound of it drives me nuts! This is the perfect solution for me haha!

As mentioned before, I believe this is a game that the whole family can get stuck into, male and female, young and older...

Another thing which I love, is that once you feel like you've played it to the death, you can liven it up again by buying the add ons, which ultimately are different tracks. I love it when games have add ons! 


Where can I buy it?

Rob tends to get most of his games from but I'd always advise shopping around places like Amazon too as sometimes they will be selling a bit cheaper. 

You can get Formula D from BoardGameGuru for £27.99 and it looks like the add ons are around £13-15 depending on which tracks you go for. 


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Love, Leanne Xx