Castle Panic and The Wizard's Tower

My goodness it's been a while since we've had a good gaming post hasn't it? To be fair the hubby and I have been a bit busy and just haven't found the time to sit down and enjoy a board game. Last weekend however we did! So we spent the whole morning playing one of our favourites Castle Panic, and exploring one of the three new expansions that came out, The Wizard's Tower.

I am so glad that the creators came out with expansion packs for this game as it truly is fun to play, all in all I think there are just the three add ons at the moment, The Wizard's Tower, The Dark Titan and Engines of War. I'll make sure I do a follow up post when we have tried out the last two. 


Castle Panic

Castle Panic is all about defeating monsters and protecting your castle. Although you can work as a team to overcome the many monsters you are faced with, you can determine a winner at the end by keeping a hold off all the monster tokens you each slay and add them up at the end for the results. You need to defeat all monsters whilst making sure at least some of your castle is still standing. If your whole castle is completely brought down, it's game over. 

This game can be played by 1-6 people from the age of 10 and above. Without the expansion, this game can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. With the expansion we spent an hour and half playing once through. It was a good morning haha!


What's in the Box?

- Instruction book 

- A board 

- 49 castle cards

- 49 monster tokens

- 6 walls

- 6 towers

- 1 tar token

- 2 fortify tokens

- 1 die

- 6 order of play cards


How to get started

As always Rob sets up the board and game space, though this is really easy to do. I sometimes help with this one haha! All you need to do is place all 6 walls and towers in the centre of the board where it's marked 'castle' then draw 3 goblins, 2 orcs and 1 troll from the monster tokens and place each one in every arc of the board marked Archer. Shuffle your castle cards and each player can then select the relevant hand size (this depends on the amount of players - as there was only two of us, we each selected 6.) Make sure your monster tokens are mixed up and faced down or in a drawstring bag so you cant see what you're picking throughout the game. 

Castle Panic

Ok, it's time to play!

Decide which player goes first. Make sure you follow the order of play,  draw up to hand size (which obviously you don't need to do on the first go), decide whether you want to discard a card to redraw, decide if you want to trade any cards with other players, play all the relevant castle cards, move monsters one space closer to the castle and lastly draw two new monsters. The order of gameplay is printed out on cards to help you.

Each castle card includes different heroes which represent the different coloured arcs and also the different rings of the board. For example, you may have in your hand a red knight. This card can only be used to attack monsters that are in the knight ring and also in the outlined red arc. Other castle cards include brick and mortar which can be used together to rebuild any walls that have been brought down. There are fortify tokens which can be used to strengthen your chosen wall when times get tough! You can also come across a tar card which prevents your chosen monster from moving one turn. Watch out for the boulder cards too - they may squish any monsters that are in their way but they will also take down your walls or even towers.

There are different kinds of monsters to battle with varying health levels. Some monsters can be taken down with just one hit. Some take two or even three hits. Use your castle cards to bring these monsters down before they attack your castle. 

Once you've used all the cards you can in your hand, move all remaining monsters forward once, then draw two new monsters. We use the die to determine which part of the board the new monsters will be placed. 

On your next turn you can draw up to hand size and repeat these steps. 

Once all evil has been defeated and hopefully you still have some castle remaining, you can add up your monster tokens to see who is the overall winner. You get more points for taking out 'boss monsters' and less for the one hit wonders.  


The Wizard's Tower 

Expansion packs

So this is the expansion pack that we decided to try first (it's the long box to the left in the photo). It was easy enough to combine, all we had to do was remove some of the original monster tokens and replace them with the new ones from this pack, shuffle the new castle cards into the main deck and finally replace one of the towers with the new Wizard's Tower.

The Wizard's Tower

What's in the Box?

- 1 Wizard's Tower

- 10 castle cards

- 22 Wizard cards

- 49 monster tokens : 19 new monsters, 18 imps, 6 harbinger, and 6 mega boss

- 12 flame tokens

- 6 reference cards (reminders of the new monsters abilities)

- monster bag

New monster tokens

How to get started

It's easy! You follow the exact same order of play as before, but as mentioned above there's a new tower, lots of new monsters, and wizard cards. Two other new features that I really enjoyed were the monster draw bag - it's so cute! - and also the fire tokens.

Wizard cards
Monster bag
Fire tokens

When you get to the step 'discard and draw', you can choose to draw a wizard card instead of a castle card which could be one of many wonderful things to help you progress through the game. For example you could pick a Red Fireball card which gives a monster 1 damage that is sat in any of the red rings on the board, but it will also set that monster on fire.

If one of the monsters gets set on fire, every time it moves forward, it loses 1 health. Handy! However, your castle can also catch fire, and if the Wizard's Tower gets hit enough times to fall either by fire or monsters, you will no longer be able to use the Wizard cards, which sucks!

Watch out for monsters that can now climb castle walls, oh, and those big bosses take longer to kill and they can bring along some extra baddies to battle to the board too. 


Would I recommend this game?

That would be a 'hell yea!' It is super fun to play, it's different every time, it's the right amount of challenging and let's face it, it looks amazing. It's recommended for ages 10 upwards, well, as of August this year both Rob and I are in our 30's and we love it - so literally any age can enjoy this game, it's not just for the young-uns haha! 

I feel like every time we play this game we learn something new about it too which I really like. I'm  certainly looking forward to trying out the other two expansions, if they are anything like this one, they will be tons of fun.


How much is it and where can I get it from?

You can pick up the main Castle Panic box from Amazon, it's currently being sold for £26.80 and looks like it's available using Prime delivery too - awesome!

The expansion packs can also be found on Amazon, The Wizard's Tower is currently sitting at £25.19, The Dark Titan at £15.15 and finally Engines of War at £18.61. These are also available using Prime Delivery. 


Overall Castle Panic and it's new add ons have been more than worth investing in, they are going to bring hours of fun into the household. 

Have you tried this game yet? Will you be trying out the expansions? 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx