HANNAH Jewellery Facebook Event

A week or so ago the lovely Hannah of HANNAH jewellery held a very special event on her Facebook page offering one of a kind pieces and extremely generous offers too. How could I resist? I was long overdue a good jewellery haul so this was the place to be...

In total I bought 6 stunning, handmade items, all of which added up to just less than £75. 


Let's take a closer look


1.Twisted midi ring

This is just exquisite. If you have slim fingers like me you can where this anywhere on the finger as it has an open back, making it slightly adjustable. I really love the design, so unique and so HANNAH! 

I managed to snap this baby up for £10, bargain! 


2. Silver plate bangle with Rose Gold wrap

What I love about HANNAH jewellery is that you are buying such special pieces that you won't find anywhere else. This bangle is such a great example, very one of a kind without being over the top. Perfect! I love jewellery that stands out without being bulky or clumsy and this does just that.

This cost £8....£8! Crazy money! 


3. Gold plate two finger Love ring

I don't normally go for gold but this really stood out. The amount of care that goes into these pieces really shines through, the wire work is outstanding. I was worried about being able to go about my normal daily tasks with this, but I had no problems, though obviously I wouldn't recommend doing housework with this on, at risk of damaging it. 

Another bargain price of just £8.


4. Sterling silver Love ear climber



This is probably my favourite piece. It's just so different! I've been wearing my hair up a lot more recently to show it off. I find it to be so simple yet so stylish and easy to wear. The wire lettering is just perfection and sits nicely on the ear. 

This was a little more pricey, but worth it, at £12. 


5. Heart studs


I'd been after some of these for a while after seeing them pop up from time to time on my Instagram feed. They are so, so pretty...a definite must have. Easy to wear on a day to day basis, these are perfect for you - if like me - dangly earrings aren't your thing. 

These studs were priced at a fab £8.


6. A key just for Me in sterling silver

My next best buy, I absolutely adore this necklace. It will be worn to death, it is so different to anything I've ever seen before. The pendant is a perfect size, big enough to be seen, but again - not over the top. 

This was my most expensive purchase at £25, but I still think that is an incredibly reasonable price for such flawless, loving craftsmanship, real silver, and uniqueness. 



I have bought from this lady before and was overjoyed with what she created. Hannah even worked with me to create some 'nail rings' which weren't listed on the website, which goes to show how wonderful the customer service is too. Again I have been overjoyed with my latest purchases, my collection is steadily growing! 

Thank you Hannah for hosting a wonderful Facebook event, I loved it, congratulations on a successful night of sales! 

I look forward to seeing more designs...

If you fancy taking a peek at the website and all the beautiful goodies click HERE, and don't forget Hannah is on INSTAGRAM too.


Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx