Our Little Bobbie

When Rob and I finally bought our own home, I knew there was something missing...the pitter patter of tiny paws! For long enough did I witter about getting one, until one day I just gave up, Rob would always have a reason not to get one. Too much money. We both work. Blah, blah, blah. 

One day I was out with a friend and Rob rung me. He was in Whitby with his family and there must have been lots of people mooching about with their dogs. He rung me and said 'let's get one'... 

Well I didn't need telling twice haha! 

My friend knew of a few rescue places so we arranged to go and have a look round. This was the first time I'd been to any sort of kennel or rescue, and it was hard! The first kennel we went to was awful, the dogs were beautiful but it smelt, there was a lot of noise and I was on the verge of tears. I just wanted to leave. 

The next place we went to was a bit better, and it's where I found Bobbie. At first I was dismayed as each gate held a dog that was too big. We have a decent size home and gardens, but dogs that size need more room (that's just my opinion!). The lady walked me round the shelter and right in the very last room was this tiny, underweight black and white Jack Russell with beautiful but sad eyes and who looked like he was falling asleep as I spoke to him. I was in love. It was a £10 deposit and a week wait - to see if any owners would come forward to collect. It was one of the longest weeks of my life.

In the meantime we took a trip to Pets at Home and I stocked up on everything my little boy would need! He was going to be spoilt rotten! 

As expected, nobody came forward to collect Bobbie. I remember every second of the day me and my friend went to collect him. It was such a strange feeling being handed his lead and walking away with him. Our first pet! Rob was at work and I couldn't wait for him to finish. The first thing I did when we got him home was feed him. The poor thing was like a skeleton, you could see every bone on his body. 

Later that day I took him for a walk to meet his new dad! It was so nice to come home, all three of us, my beautiful little family. 

We've had Bobbie for just short of two years now, and he's the apple of our eyes but a little terror too! He's put on a good amount of weight but the vet says he'll never be a fat dog as he's so active. He is fantastic in the house, he's never destroyed anything and he's potty trained too - there was a few incidents when he first moved in but he was nervous and was showing signs of separation anxiety.

The separation anxiety is something we have tried so hard to help him with - he's better now in the sense that he doesn't leave us any puddles but he goes crackers when you're leaving the house. He barks, tries to grab your clothes... he now goes behind a baby gate, so he still has space to move about, but he can't accidentally hurt you (or rip your tights!) when you leave for work. 

Bobbie doesn't socialise with other dogs very well either which is such a shame. I just can't trust that he won't hurt another animal, he becomes quite aggressive, though not as much with female dogs. We spent a lot of money paying a trainer to come and help us with this, as well as trying lots of different pieces of advice from various people, but I think we've now just come to accept that this is just who he is. 

We love him so much, and I don't regret rescuing him for one second.

Giving Bobbie a loving home has been so rewarding, and he has brought so much fun and laughter to our house. If anyone was thinking about rescuing a dog, I would definitely recommend it, though maybe if I was to do it again, I would go to a trust rather than a kennel/centre. 

If you want to see more of Bobbie, you can find him on INSTAGRAM -- yes, I'm one of those people haha! 



Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx