5 Ways to Calm Down

Since Christmas life has been pretty tough here at the Harrison household, and I've found myself to be quite on edge, tired, anxious, and to be completely honest, very miserable! I try so hard to stay positive, but I often let myself down and end up beefing or just completely isolating myself from the world. 

Last week I had a mini melt down at work which really pissed me off! I decided I needed to get back to allowing a bit of 'me time' to take the mind of things even for just a few hours and calm myself the hell down! 

Here are a few things I like to do to de-stress...




1) Paint my nails

This probably doesn't come as a shock to you guys haha! People often laugh and comment at work that everyday my nails are different. Painting my nails and dabbling with nail art uses up all of my concentration, and in that time I am completely focused on the task at hand. There's no thinking about work or family or what's for tea, it's purely all about the nails. 

When they're  finished and looking all fancy it makes me happy, and I love to share them with you all on Instagram. You're lovely comments and likes always make my day too, so thanks!


2) Read

I love to read, and can get completely lost in a good book. Haruki Murakami is my all time favourite author and I can re-read his books time and time again. However lately I've been enjoying spending my allotted me-time reading your blog posts. My favourite blogger is Plus 10 Kapow, she often writes about nails showing off her incredible nail art skills, but also unboxing of loot crates which sometimes features her beautiful furbaby Kylo. 


3) Listen to music

I have a monthly subscription to Spotify, and it's great! I can listen to all types of music from one app. I bob the earplugs in, shut my eyes, and the world is gone. Bliss. I seem to be stuck on indie playlists lately, nothing too heavy and nothing too boom box-y! 


4) Take a long bath

Long, hot baths using all my favourite Bath Bakes & Soap-Dodger products is my little slice of heaven. Washing away the days troubles and settling down for a long soak is my favourite way to relax. 


5) Walk Bobbie

This has been saved for last as this isn't always a good way to calm down and relax! Bobbie is a little terror sometimes on walkies, barking at any animal that we pass and pulling on the lead like nobody's business. 

However, we can have really good long, peaceful walks that I really enjoy and can let my troubles slip away step by step. There is a lovely bit of land near where we live that you can spend hours walking around, enjoying the scenery, especially in the summer. Plus it tires us both out, and we often have a little nap snuggled up together when we get back! I love my puppy snuggles haha! 


Blogging isnt on this list simply because I find that if I'm not in the right mood, and my mind isn't with me, sitting down to write is just unbearable. It comes out scrambled and ends up a disaster, adding to my low mood and making me even more grumpy and frustrated! 


Also, chatting with you lovelies either through Instagram or Facebook really helps me to keep socialising outside of work minus the anxiety of stepping out of the front door, which has become a challenge over the past year. So please keep chatting with me, I love interacting with you guys!


What do you guys do to de-stress? I'd love to know! 

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx