NourishBay - Spa Experience in the Comfort of your own Home

**these items were gifted to me**

Hey everyone! Today I have another new and exciting brand to share with you that I recently discovered ... NourishBay. This is a green, cruelty free, vegan friendly company that hand make their products here in the UK. 

NourishBay specialise in luxury, affordable, spa-like products to treat your hands, feet and body. Their website is packed with bath salts, steeped tea hand/foot soaks, crumble soaks, oakmilk soaks and lotion bars. 

In this post I will be sharing my experience and thoughts with the soaks that NourishBay kindly sent to me, the Spiced Steeped Tea hand/foot soak and the Citrus Crumble hand/foot soak. They also sent me a sample of the tropical oatmilk soak and lotion bar, but I will try those out another time...


Spiced Steeped Tea Soak

I love, love, love the cute teabag packaging on this product, attention to detail is something I really enjoy from smaller, handmade businesses. It's something that larger businesses can sometimes overlook and forget about. 

I used this by cutting the top off and pouring the contents into a bowl of warm water and swirling the contents around. I then left my hands in to soak for about 10 minutes. I love pampering myself using products like this - and the beauty of it is - it doesn't have to take a long time! Not everyone has a few hours to spare to soak, treat and paint their nails, and not everyone has the time to book into the beauty salon. This is the perfect solution! 

Even though its 10-15 mins of quiet time, its 10-15 mins of spa-like, luxurious treatment to really give your hands and feet the attention they need. Skin is left feeling soft and smelling great. 

Make sure you breathe in the scents from these soaks too, the spiced option that is being released especially for the festive season is so warming and true to its name. 

NourishBay's Steeped tea soaks include herbs, spices, Epsom salts, sea salt and magnesium flakes with the added benefits of essential oils. If you pop over to the website there is actually a recommended spa experience for you to try out at home! 

They cost £6.99 for a box of four treatments which will work towards relieving dry, itchy skin, andsoften, nourish and hydrate too.


Citrus Crumble Soak

This has to be my favourite soak of the two. I'm a huge fan of fruity scents and this really is very citrus-y, very tropical. 

You add one scoop (I just used a teaspoon) to two cups worth of warm water, and soak for 15-20 mins. I used this in the same day as the previous soak as I just couldn't wait to try them both out, so I only soaked for 10 mins. 

As soon as the crumble soak hits the water it immediately froths up and turns the water silky soft. Both of these soaks were a dream to use, but I love the froth that you get with this one. 

NourishBay's crumble soak is made with essential oils, natural salts, coconut oil and herbs. They cost £8.99 and come in a variety of scents such as  Tropical, Floral and Herbal. 


Please take a few minutes to sit back and watch the video I created for these products!


Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx