Guest Post by Amanda Jayne

5 A/W Style Essentials



Hi guys! First off, thanks to Leanne for asking me to guest post again for her this month - it's always a pleasure to write something up for her site! If you're unfamiliar with me, I'm Amanda from Amanda Jayne. In the last few months I did a guest post for Leanne talking about three of my favourite purple liquid lipsticks, but today we're talking about fashion - specifically, those staples for the colder months.

Whilst everyone's excited about autumn - and I'm relieved it'll be nice and dark soon when I get home from work in the morning -, it feels like we never had much of a summer. Scotland barely saw any sun this year, and to make matters worse I haven't even been on holiday to anywhere rocking 30-40 degree heat! But the one thing about autumn and winter is that I find it easier to dress for - my wardrobe contains a lot of black plus jewel tones, and also many pairs of ankle boots, meaning I'm pretty much set and don't have to fret much about what to wear. In today's post, I thought I'd share with you five of my personal style essentials for my autumn and winter wardrobe this year.



Ankle boots, on the whole, are a firm style staple for me. I have too many pairs as it is and I'm always buying more because 'I don't have them in that colour AND style!' The pair I photographed above are these beautiful faux suede ones I nabbed from New Look earlier this month. At £27.99 they were one of the more expensive pairs I've bought, but they're worth every penny - they're super comfortable and have a really nice heel height that give me a little boost without being too much. I'm usually one that goes towards faux leather and pointy-toes, so this pair is totally different in my collection as they are much more rounded. They look amazing with a denim jacket and skinny jeans, and will also work well with midi skirts. I think they'll make a great addition to my summer wardrobe too!



Everyone is stocking chenille jumpers right now and it's with good reason - who can resist that soft, snuggly, cosy fabric? It's the perfect thing for autumn and winter - forget cotton or scratchy wool, bag yourself a gorgeous chenille jumper instead. I paid £13 for the one pictured above which I purchased from Primark - I don't know about you, but I think that plum shade is to die for. TK Maxx also stock some beautiful one-off pieces - I got a strawberry pink-red chenille jumper with a cut-out neck for just £14.99 recently. They have a bunch of styles in the Mod Box section, so it's worth having a rummage to get your mitts on one of these easy-to-style pieces. It's versatile and it's like wearing a blanket - what's not to love?



I'm late to the party, but watches have been a jewellery favourite of mine since around August/September this year. If you read my post on my brother's brand Everwrist, you might know I've never really worn watches other than for work, so you can imagine my surprise when I ended up suddenly just wanting one. I'm a girl who likes the big watch faces - if it looks unisex, then it's the one for me. I don't like small and dainty as it just doesn't work for me, but I picked up a gorgeous piece by Racing Green out of TK Maxx for less than £17 a few months ago, and since then I've acquired this beautiful tiger-print one from New Look, and I've finally had the links taken out the watch pictured, which I got for my 21st from my brother. I'm pretty content with owning three watches for outside of work now, so I'm hoping my small obsession will come to an end... 



I can't get enough of cut-out tees, especially if they're graphic. Band tees already look rad as it is, but they look even better if they have a big v-neck cut-out. This beautiful Journey tee was a September purchase from Forever 21 that I can't stop wearing because it looks amazing with everything - midis, skinny jeans or even boyfriend jeans and culottes, it's one of the most versatile things I've bought recently. It adds a bit of edge to any outfit and the print is gorgeous too. Plus I think the cut-out neck is generally really flattering!



I purchased three of my metallic midi skirts last year and I still feel like they make an excellent piece for the whole year. The khaki is my favourite for the colder months and looks bomb with ankle boots and a big stripey t-shirt - it looks like you tried but you really didn't, and you still retain maximum comfort too. Most recent to my collection is the pewter-coloured faux-leather bodycon metallic midi I purchased from Lidl when they launched their collaboration with Heidi Klum - it's stunning on and makes for a very unique piece. I adore pewter and think it's a really underrated shade for metallics. I've not had a chance to wear it out yet but I'm hoping to do so at the end of the month!


What are your must have fashion pieces for the A/W season? If you want to keep up to date with me, make sure to check out my links below!