Femme Fatale Meebox Feat. NCLA

**these products were gifted to me**


I was so excited to be contacted by Meebox, they kindly sent me this months edition which includes 3 full size NCLA nailpolishes, a NCLA glass file and a set of fashion nail wraps also by NCLA. Most of you guys will already know this, but for those who don’t, Meebox is a monthly subscription which is all about nails/nailpolish. For £25 a month (including p&p) you will receive 4-5 nail related products which include tools, treatments and of course polishes. I love that this company supports both high street brands and indie brands. 

This months Box is all about Femme Fatale, but the colours provided are perfect for Halloween, I received a red, white and black. These are great worn alone as you will see further into the post, but they all also make fabulous bases for any spooky creations you have in mind for the 31st. Keep an eye out on my Instagram page as I have a few ideas to try out...



This is an L.A based cruelty free and vegan friendly company that specialises in luxury nail fashion. I’ve heard of this brand before but never had the pleasure of trying out their products. You can get your hands on NCLA products here in the UK by popping over to Nail Polish Direct. 

Let’s take a closer look at the polishes within this box...


Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

First of all I love the name of this polish! It is a beautiful true white polish that is fully opaque in two coats. It has a not too thin, but thin consistency which I found easy to work with and dried fairly quickly too. For the photo I added a glossy topper for extra...well, gloss haha! It looks great worn alone, I love white nails as they always looks so stylish, but it is going to make a perfect base for any nailart you want to try out. 

If purchased separately this would cost you £13 and it is a 15ml bottle.


Back to Black

Back to Black

Back to Black

This is a one coater guys! It was so easy to apply, its consistency slightly, very slightly, thicker than the white and again dries reasonably quick too. Just like with a pure white nail, I find pure black nails incredibly stylish, so this looks great worn alone but will also make a great base for designs. I want to have a go at stamping with this, I don’t know if it’ll be quite thick enough, but I’ll definitely try it out and let you know the results over on Instagram.

Purchased separately this would cost you £13 for 15ml.


Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Even though this is a beautiful, lush red...it’s my least favourite polish within the box. I made an absolute mess with this, and the photo shown is take two. I do struggle with darker colours and sometimes stray from the lines, but all is usually well after a quick cleanup. This was a terror to try and remove from where I’d spilt over, it stains. It felt like the more I tried to tidy it up the worse I made it. I found that it is a thin consistency too, thinner than the white it felt. 

However, after starting completely over, I sussed out the dummies guide to applying Rush Hour. Start with a really thin coat, don’t leave too much on your brush, use this thin coat as a guide. Then when your happy, go in with another slightly more generous coat. Still be cautious though!

There will be all you pros out there sat reading this thinking what the devil is she on about?! Maybe the fault is with me and not the polish. It just wasn’t as easy to apply as the other two.

Anyway, once you’ve got it just so, you will see how gorgeous this polish is. It will see you through Halloween and even through Crimbo. It truly is a beautiful shade of red, team it up with a similar shade of red lippy and a LBD and it’s time to party! 

Rush Hour purchased separately would cost you £13 for 15ml.


Final Thoughts

In terms of subsribing to Meebox I think it is fantastic value for money. £25 a month (including p&p) for over £60 worth of product is just incredible! If you’re looking for a nail/polish sub-box, definitely check Meebox out. As mentioned before I love that they support smaller indie brands along with high street, and I also like that they include extras, for example this month they included the NCLA glass file worth £9 and the nail wraps which are worth £11.95. 

You can create so many different looks by mixing the products up, and every month has a different theme to get your creative juices flowing. 

I will be trying the nail wraps out soon, I’m not overly confident at applying them, so it will have to be a day where I have time, quiet, and patience. 

In terms of the brand featured and quality of polishes I have to say how impressed I am. As a newbie to NCLA this box has inspired me to try out more of their polishes, they really are of great quality and I can totally see why they are so popular. Looking on the Nail Polish Direct website I can see that there is a huge variety of colours for us UK dwellers to try out.


Are you subscribed to Meebox? Which has been your favourite theme to receive? Have you ever tried NCLA products before? 

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx