Escape to Edinburgh : Part 2

Hey everyone! So here we are into a fresh new week of Blogtober, have you been enjoying it so far? I am having such fun with this challenge and sharing it with all you lovelies! 

Today I wanted to jump back in to 'Escape to Edinburgh', if you read the first part you will know just how in love with this city I am. I couldn't possibly fit it all into one post, I think I'll struggle to fit it into three haha! 

The last post focused mainly on some my favourite attractions, but in this one I wanted to talk more about the shopping experience around Edinburgh. Shopping has never really been something I overly enjoy - gasp! I know, I know, I'm not normal - I love to do most of my shopping online where there's no huge crowds of people getting in my way and where there's no queues. However, there's something a bit special about walking down Princes Street, or St Georges Square, and of course The Royal Mile and it makes the whole idea of shopping for a socially awkward person like me so pleasant and enjoyable. 


Princes Street

My favourite place to wander around is without a doubt Princes Street. It's just so pretty! It has all of your favourite, well known stores, big and small, all lined up - and a little trip to Jenners is essential as it is such a beautiful building. 

Visiting Princes Street in the run up to Christmas is a wonderful day out, everything is all dressed up all glittery and twinkly, it's nice to have a mooch around as the sun goes down and the darkness creeps in because that's when everything lights up and it truly feels like Christmas. 

There's usually a fabulous German Market set up too, stall after stall of beautiful bits and pieces to catch your eye. Also food - there's lots of food on offer haha! If you can't see the German Market your nose will definitely lead you to it. 

After you have a nosey round the stalls, I recommend bobbing on the Ferris wheel as you get such stunning views up and down Princes Street. It's breathtaking. 

Princes Street

Once you've finished ticking all of the above off your list, make sure to break off into Princes Street Gardens. It is a lovely walk, and surprisingly quiet to say that your still in such a busy area. When we visited in the Summer, we saw that people were just laid around reading soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. It was like something out of a painting! All that was missing was a lake haha! But there is a fountain! It is just as pretty in the winter too. You also have a wonderful view of the Castle standing above you.  


If you enjoy art there is a wonderful gallery, which if I remember correctly was free. Rob and I don't really know an awful lot about art, but I love to have a look around regardless. I find myself lost for words at some of the pieces. 



St Georges Square

Along with more shops to have a look around, there's also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. We stopped off at a Wetherspoons, nothing like the Wetherspoons we have here in Leeds, the building was incredible, I believe it was the Standing Order (there's two Wetherspoons to choose from), we picked a busy night to eat in as it was Light Night, but I'd love to go back on a normal weekday and take in the beautiful detailing of the building again - and of course the grub! 

The Standing Order

In November there is usually a bit of something set up - we went to see Limbo a fabulous show that we hope comes back to England - in the Spiegeltent which hosts many different acts/shows. The last time we went there was an ice-rink set up too which I wasn't brave enough to have a go on!


I wont go too much into shopping on the Royal Mile as even though I'd recommend having a walk around there, I found it to be quite 'tourist-y' featuring lots of gift, sweet, and souvenir shops along with plenty of kilt shops. 

If you've been up to Edinburgh, where is your favourite place to shop? I'll take all recommendations for my next visit!

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx