Escape to Edinburgh : Part 1

One of my most favourite places on Earth is Edinburgh, and I love to visit in November. We have been up there once in the Summer, and twice in Winter, we have seen so much but there's still probably so much more to see and do. I can't wait to go back. 

We tend to visit in time for Light Night, the atmosphere is amazing and everything looks so pretty, it really gets you in the mood for Christmas. Everybody gathers around Princes Street and St Georges Square to see the lights switch on and the amazing firework displays. You really have to experience it, even if it's only once. 

Light Night

I could go on and on and on.....and there will be 2 more posts to follow throughout Blogtober.... but here's just a few things that stand out from our escapes to Edinburgh.


Leith Walk to The Royal Yacht Britannia 

We did this when we visited in the summer, we were staying at the Mortonhall caravan and camping grounds (which had the nicest little pub which served amazing food), we caught the bus into the city centre, then set off on our walk to Leith. It is a long walk, but on a dry day it is a lovely one. There's plenty of shops to nosey in along the way, and also if you come across a quirky little cafe 'Loopy Lorna's',  I'd recommend stopping off for a quick brew and cake. 

Once you make it to the end you will come to the waterfront and a little shopping mall. After you've had a browse around the shops in there, head upstairs where you can begin your visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia. They give you a device so you can listen to lots of information as you travel around the yacht, but I'm not one for listening to these, I prefer to just take the sights in. 

It's definitely an interesting experience and I would really recommend it, even if you're not particularly interested in the Royal family. After you've finished the tour and end up back in the mall, there's plenty of restaurants to choose from if you fancy a bite to eat before your walk back, I can't remember which we chose but we were sat next to the window and had an amazing view of the ocean below and the Yacht. 


Royal Botanic Gardens

If you enjoy strolling around beautiful gardens and have a love of the great outdoors, this is the place to go. It even has the most amazing, tallest in Britain, Victorian Glasshouse. I found it hard to breathe in here, but it was worth it, everything was so beautiful. 


The gardens are breathtaking, you could easily spend a whole day here as they go on and on, each garden more beautiful than the last. We visited here in the summer, but I would truly love to visit in the winter, everything looks so much prettier with a touch of frost doesn't it? I bet it will look magical. 



The Real Mary Kings Close

The first time we travelled to Edinburgh in November, we stayed in an Ibis Hotel on the Royal Mile. It was a lovely stay, we enjoyed sitting in the bar downstairs next to the window on an evening with a glass of whatever (probably whisky for Rob) and people watch. 

There is so much to see and do here in the old part of town, a colleague at work had recommended visiting St Mary's Close so we made sure to fit it in. I'm so glad we did, as it was really interesting! 

To be fair I did spend a lot of the time with my eyes closed, I'm a huge wuss and being underground in the dark scares the hell out of me. It's not all dark mind you, there is just a certain part of the tour where they are telling you a story (which I won't spoil for you) and you are sat in darkness for effect. It works haha!

It is amazing to be underground and see how the streets have been built up and on top of each other, and it's really interesting to hear the bits of information, tales and facts as you walk through. You get a real feel of how people lived and the struggles they faced. There's a few tricks thrown in too so be prepared to jump out of your skin. It's a great experience and one that I would strongly recommend.


Edinburgh Dungeon

If you enjoy jumping out of your skin at every given moment, the Edinburgh Dungeon is worth a visit too. Again you are taken underground, you learn a little more of how things used to be, it's a really good tour. I didn't enjoy it as much as St Mary's Close but it's still a destination for your list! 



Edinburgh Castle and War Museum

Whilst you're on the Royal Mile you might as well make the journey to the top and visit the Edinburgh Castle. I know when you've seen one Castle you've really seen them all (just my opinion) but it truly is a magnificent building with lots of interesting things to learn about as you walk through. 

Also, if you're lucky enough to visit on a clear, dry day, the views across Edinburgh are just stunning.

Edinburgh Castle.jpg

Within the grounds there's also a War Museum worth taking a look around, this isn't really my cup of tea, but the hubby really enjoyed it. There's plenty to see and learn about if that's you're kind of thing!


The Scotch Whisky Experience

Rob is a huge lover of whisky and he has already done one of the whisky trails around Scotland. So after our visit to the Castle, we made our way back down the hill and stopped off at the Scotch Whisky Experience.

The part of the tour which really stood out for me was making our way into a room literally filled with whisky. Every wall from the floor to the ceiling there were bottles upon bottles of the stuff, and it all belonged to one person, or at least it originally did! There must have been thousands if not millions of pounds worth of whisky in there! Incredible.

Whisky Experience

I have to say that even if you don't really like whisky, it's still a fun experience to be had. It's a mini tour, I can't remember how long it was but I do remember that we spent more time in the shop afterwards as Rob couldn't decide which whiskies to choose from!


Just looking back all the photos and remembering all the places we visited is really making me long to go back haha!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, as I mentioned before I've split it down into three parts so I don't ramble on for too long a time...

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx