Guest Post by Crystal and Vanilla

Skincare For The Colder Months


So it’s arrived! Autumn closely followed by winter! 


Now is the time to review your skincare, to make plans to give your skin those extra cuddles.

As the weather changes and it gets colder there is a drop in humidity. 

Turning on the central heating and those biting winds can make your skin lose its water content and become dehydrated. 

Dehydrated skin means lacking water, dry skin means lacking oil for those of you who aren’t sure.

Skin can feel tight, sensitive, rough and uncomfortable.

I thought I’d share with you how I change things up when the weather gets colderwhere I live.

I live on the south coast of England and when the colder months arrive, the weather can be bitter.

I use hyaluronic serums for deep hydration morning and evening.


I incorporate a cleansing balm into my skincare routine to supply essential fatty acids.

I take cooler showers, moisturising well afterwards to help my skin retain moisture.

I use an SPF every day to protect me from UV ray damage, this is so important and isn’t just for the hotter months.

I’ll use a lip perfector to nourish my lips and protect from environmental stressors.

I drink more water to stay hydrated.

This doesn’t mean lots of cold water, I’ll switch to warm water with lemon slices or there are some delicious herbal teas you can choose from.

I also make my own homemade soups; these also count towards your fluid intake.

To protect my skin from the coastal winds where I live, I’ll also protect my skin by wearing an oversized scarf!

I might look like I’m going to rob a bank but needs must when those sea gales set in!

Bobble hats are also a must for me as my scalp can get dry when the weather is cold.

So I’ll use a deep moisturising hair mask once a week.

Warm gloves to protect my hands and I’ll massage in a nail and hand oil every night before bed.

I love the colder months, big fluffy jumpers and over the knee boots.

Less skin might be on show, but it’s just as important to be comfortable in your own skin.

To the readers of Leannes wonderful blog, I hope you’ve got some helpful skincare tips from my routine.

Love the skin you’re in people!