Mini Candle Haul from Bloom Candles

There's nothing quite like burning a nicely scented candle on a dark evening when you're all cuddled up watching a film with the lights low is there? Or even on the window sill as you enjoy a nice, long hot soak in the bath after a long day. 

I'm always on the look out for new brands to try, and after seeing Bloom Candles popping up on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I thought I'd have a little nosey in their shop and see if anything caught my fancy. 


About Bloom Candles

Bloom Candles is a British brand, all candles, melts and diffusers are handmade in Cheshire. They are made in small batches by the owner and creator of Bloom Candles, Olivia. Her products have been so popular and well received that they've even appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine!  

If you pop on their website, you will find a wide variety of scents and candles/melts. There are candle jars, wax pops (great for trying out a new scent that you're not sure of), wax bars, reed diffusers and even a pretty oil burner. The choice is endless, there is something for everyone.


So let's take a look at what I chose...


Candy Apple


Candy Apple

This scent really stood out to me, I knew I had to add it to my basket. It just sounds so delicious doesn't it? Well believe me when I say that it smells just as amazing as it sounds. It's so true to it's name and rivals my beloved Yankee Candles, in fact all three that I chose do. 

Candy Apple is an Autumn Special, so be quick to grab yours. If you don't want a full size candle, you can choose this in the form of a wax pop too. I love the style of the candles, they come in a square glass jar, complete with a lid and the label on front. They will look great no matter what your decor, no matter what room you've chosen it for. 


Black Cherry


Black Cherry

Another amazing scent! Again I chose the candle form, which are supposed to give you the burn time of around 30 hours, which for £5.99 is great value for money. I'm yet to put this to the test though, they are sitting pretty on my mantelpiece at the moment. 

Black Cherry is also available in the form of a wax pop which are just 99p, a wax bar which cost £2.99 and as a reed diffuser which cost £7.99.


Banana Nut Bread


Banana nut bread

Banana nut bread - yummmmy! It just sounds so mouthwatering doesn't it? It's another gorgeous scent, quite a warm one this time. As well as the jar candles, you can also get this as a reed diffuser, a wax bar, or a wax pop. 

Overall I have been really impressed with these products, they arrived very quick too and wrapped well enough that even our grumpy postman couldn't damage them. I'd definitely recommend you guys giving them a try, and I can honestly say that they are just as fab, or maybe even better than Yankee Candles, and by buying from Bloom Candles, you're supporting a smaller Business run by a lovely lady in Cheshire!

Find Bloom Candles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, why not bob over to their shop and take a little look around...

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Love, Leanne Xx