About Me, Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, this idea was inspired by Amanda Jayne's original post, click HERE to read hers too


Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed part 1 of 'about me', today is the last part - the N-Z. I hope that by the end of this post all questions will have been answered from my Instagram Q&A post.

Let's get crackin' then shall we?!



Nail biter - well I used to be anyway. I was asked what got me into nails/polish, and this is why. I never liked my natural nails and always struggled to grow them so I cheated and went down the acrylics route. As we were saving to move into our own home I had to cut the little luxuries out - such as my acrylics. I was appalled at the state of my natural nails underneath, and so began my journey towards healthier nails. Biting your nails can be a hard habit to break - but if I can do it, anyone can!



Oops! - I have just been counting up all my polishes to answer one of the questions left on my Q&A post and I’m astonished! I have, in total, 403 bottles of nail polish. Probably nothing in comparison to my fellow nail addicts but wow! Think I need a destash... 



Pink - this is an easy one haha! Pink has been and probably always will be my favourite colour!



Quickly - OK here’s another obvious letter I struggled with buuuutt... here’s something to know about me, if I get given a job, or if something crops up that’s needs sorting, I like to get it done there and then. Quickly. I hate feeling like there’s something I need to get done, it takes over my mind! I hate wasting time, that’s why if I have a job to do I’m quick about it. 



Image credit LOGO tv

Image credit LOGO tv

RuPauls Drag Race - The hubby and I have been enjoying binge watching this over on Netflix. We are hooked! I'm hoping for a series 10...



Seche Vite - I was asked which is my favourite topcoat, and it has to be, without a doubt, Seche Vite. I tend to buy this on Amazon now where you can actually get it in bulk with a big refillable bottle. It makes my nails super glossy and gives the look of a gel manicure without any faffy removal. 



Table top games - Rob is really into his games, not just electronic but also board games. I have really enjoyed getting into some of his table top games, it's nice to be able to share more of an interest in his hobby. 



UNT peel off base coat - This has changed my swatch game for the better, and I discovered it whilst watching Christine of Simply Nailogical's YouTube channel. This is a wonderful base that allows for a super easy peel. I can't wear this if I want my mani to last at work as my nails get super dry when working and the polish just pops off! But it's fabulous for when I need to swatch quite a few polishes in one go. 



Vitamin E & Jojoba oil - Another trick I learnt from Simply Nailogical! Mix these two together to make your very own cuticle oil. I was asked which is my favourite oil to use and this has to be it as it works out much cheaper in the long run but it works really well too. If you don't tend to go through so much oil - I would highly recommend Apothaka Skincare's SOS cuticle oil, it's obviously going to cost more as there is more to it and it's already made up for you, but I noticed such a great difference in the condition of my nails and cuticles whilst using it. 



Wigs - As mentioned in the previous post, I have been experimenting with different looks and a huge part of this is wig-wearing. I have quite the little collection now, and I'm hoping to grow it further. I just need to whip up some courage to start wearing these wigs out and about!





Xena warrior princess - This, along with Hercules was one of my favourite shows when I was younger. Lucy Lawless was my hero and I wanted to marry Kevin Sorbo. 



Youtube - I have become obsessed with YouTube! I probably spend more time watching videos on it than I do watching TV. Is this normal? Leave links to your favourite channels in the comments...



Zoos - Wherever Rob and I visit, we love to make a trip to the Zoo. I think my favourite so far has been the one up in Edinburgh, we could easily have spent all day there.


OK, that’s the end of ‘about me’, I hope I managed to answer any questions you left me over on Instagram. 

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow, and remember to check out Amanda’s original post

Love, Leanne Xx