Personal Favourite Nail Trends of 2018 According to Cosmopolitan

*Contains PR Products*

We are nearing the end of Blogtober, and I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by! It has been such a fun month, and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with new designs as well as seeing all of your designs over on Instagram too.

Whilst scrolling the internet for some inspiration, I came across an article in Cosmopolitan magazine showcasing some of the top nail trends this season. I decided to pick three of my faves, and try to recreate them…

Accent Nails

The first trend is accent nails. The image chosen is quite a neutral look, but what I found most interesting is the fact that they had chosen the pointer finger as the accent nail. I would normally choose the ring finger or both the ring and middle fingers for the accent design, but I thought this looked really cute.

Here is the image taken from the article along with my recreation…

I’m not sure how cute this look is on me haha! I think it’d look much better on the ring finger, but that’s just my opinion.

I used Marshmallow by Cienna Rose for the neutral, soft pink base colour, then popped some gold striping tape that I received in the latest Meebox down the middle of the ring finger. I stopped the tape just over half way down the nail the nail then added a small gold stud to the end of it.

The second design I wanted to try out is another twist on the accent nail, this time using a bit of negative space too.

I didn’t go to the most effort and match my makeup, but I really enjoy this look. The mix of pink and red really appeals to me, looks girly without being too girly if you know what I mean?!

For these nails I used two Barry M polishes, the pink is from the Coconut Infusion collection but the name has worn off of the label. After a good scroll through my Instagram feed - I’ve found the name of it - Surfboard. The red was sent to me by them fairly recently for their BarryWeen collaborations, and it is called Blood Orange. You will have seen this colour pop up numerous times during Blogtober.

Bejeweled Digits

The final design is another simple one that includes more negative space only with a sparkly addition…

As a way to save a bit of time I could try out the two different colour combos on the one hand, but actually I think it worked out pretty well! Here they are showing simple negative space manicures with large crystals bobbed on the finger just outside the cuticle area.

For the white polish I used Barry M’s Cotton which has also been featured a lot throughout Blogtober, and Leighton Denny’s Jewellery Box is one of my favourite polishes ever. The aurora borealis gems have been in my drawer for yonks, but I have a strong feeling I got them from Stephy Claws.

So that concludes my three favourite nail trends of Autumn 2018! Which is yours?

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx