New Autumn/Winter Collection by Cienna Rose

*Contains PR Products*

Well I have just received the most incredible PR parcel from one of my faves, Cienna Rose, and this time it wasn’t only a selection of beautiful shades, it also included some fab new nail care products.

Of course I had to sit down immediately and get to swatching (after a lengthy sesh on insta-stories showing everything off to you guys). I’ll chat a little more about the nail care products later, and in a separate dedicated post soon.

Before I start getting too ahead of myself, let’s jump in and take a close look at the new autumn/winter colours due to launch today (15th October)

Ice Cream Sundae

I’m kicking things off with my most favourite polish of the five, I mean how could it not be? It’s so sprinkley, so pretty, so yummy…who’s for ice cream?! Even though this has been released as part of the autumn/winter collection, it’s definitely an all year rounder.

The white base has a pretty iridescent shimmer to it that really softens the harshness of a blunt white, and the sprinkles, well just look at those sprinkles! Multi coloured, multi sized, multi shaped, just sheer perfection. I love it.

I used two easy coats which gave me full and even colour, and I must point out that there was no faffing around with placement of glitters, they spread themselves out nice and evenly with absolutely no added effort from me.

I know I said that I would chat about the nail care products later, and I will, but I quickly wanted to share that for each photo you see in this post, I have used Cienna Rose’s new Plump it Up topcoat, which adds a true high shine (gel effect) finish.


There is so much beauty going on within this polish that I’m not sure where to begin…but let’s give it a go! Showtime is a grey-green polish with pink/rose-gold colour shifting shimmers topped off with multi coloured micro glitters which combined creates this wonderful …well… creation!

It’s a devil to describe (for me, anyway) but there’s no denying how truly mesmerising it is on the nail. Another hit Carla!


Am I going too far by describing this as a neon orange? I’m not sure… but it’s certainly very bright, beautiful, and dazzling. Sunkissed is another that will be perfect all year round, I’m thinking up both Halloween and Summer designs in my mind as we speak. Maybe I could do a crazy mash up of the two? Stay tuned over on Instagram to find out haha!

I used three coats for this badboy, it builds up wonderfully with no gloopiness or heaviness. Although I totally failed at capturing it on camera, Sunkissed has a sexy little iridescent pink shimmer pushing through the vibrancy of the orange. Very pretty.

Keeping it Teal

Here is a really lush, deep, dark navy blue. Very simple, yet very elegant. I love how it sits next to my pale skin tone, but imagine it would look amazing next to a tanned or deeper skin tone.

It could have been full cover in one swift coat, though because I’m very messy with darker colours, I always start with a light coat with minimal product on the brush to set a marker, so to speak, then go in with a more generous coat after. If you are a pro at staying between the lines, you will easily get away with the one application.

The formula on this one is a little thicker than the previous, but it is still very easy to work with, no issues at all.

Je T’aime

We have landed at the final swatch of the post, and isn’t it just lush? A not too light - not too deep red that is going to see us through Halloween to Christmas, even to Valentines Day, but there I go getting ahead of myself again..

I have to admit that I struggle applying red polish. I don’t know what it is, well it’s probably nerves. As soon as the brush gets near my nail my hand starts to shake and the inevitable happens. Flooded cuticles turned into pink cuticles haha! Anyway, I managed to steady myself only catching the edges on one of the fingers and I bet you cant tell which one can you? That’s because this polish, somehow, didn’t stain! A red that doesn’t stain! Maybe it was only because I was super quick to tidy up, but I’m still just as impressed.

So there you have it, another flawless collection from Carla. I still struggle to call this an indie brand (even though it totally is) because it really doesn’t feel like one. The packaging, the formula, the colour choice, everything about it screams high-end, top of the line, luxurious quality. If you haven’t experienced Cienna Rose Beauty yet, here is a great way to get acquainted. Pop on over to the website ASAP before these stunners fly off the shelf because let’s face it, they will.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx