How To: Neon, Googley Eyes Nails for Halloween

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I took major inspiration for this design from a photo I found over on Pinterest. I would love to give credit to ‘b_Jessica_3’ but unfortunately I can’t find this user on Instagram. If one of you guys happen to know whose watermark it is, please let me know!

This neon, googley eyes design is much, much less gruesome than yesterday’s but still as equally Halloween appropriate…

What you will need to recreate the look

Now that’s sorted, let’s get creative…

How to recreate this look

  • Apply your base coat - this is super important, especially when using dark colours to avoid/minimise staining

  • Pop on 1-2 coats of your chosen black polish, and allow to dry

  • Apply the matte top coat and allow to dry

  • Use a fairly large dotting tool (I used my double ended tool which has two different sizes) with white polish to dot on the outer eyes and yup, you guessed it, allow to dry

  • Next, use a smaller sized dotting tool to dot over the white with your chosen colours in a random order. Allow to dry

  • For the even smaller pupils, I used the pointy side of an orange stick with the same black polish as before

And that’s all there is to it. I love how the eyes pop out from against the matte black base, I find this design to be more cute than spooky to be honest haha!

If you recreate this design, remember to tag me and use the hashtag #SpookyPBL over on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx